Concerning cloning, technology cannot be stopped, only postponed.  I believe that humankind, in general, is basically non-evil.  Any new technology, whether for new cures for disease, computerization, or infertility, as it advances is constantly being voted upon and regulated, as should be cloning.  All this talk about another Hitler, etc. could never happen because of these regulations, among many other reasons.

Many people, as usual since the beginning of time, are always afraid of what they don’t understand or anything else new.  Imaginations run wild! Meanwhile, slow and steady our great scientist, inventors, and doctors are plugging away with their great knowledge and desire and drive toward a better future for all of us, as they have since the times of Aristotle! This is reality.  These are the people helping to make our lives better. The wild and negative imaginations of people who panic at changes cannot contribute to growth and improve the future.  They only help to waste time and postpone it.

It’s a shame that great minds must be stifled and be forced to wait and wait until the rest of us stop making up nightmares and let the future come along gracefully.

Realize that when cells come together, they grow into a human being…so when cells come together by the cloning process, the result, nevertheless, is also a human being in their own right.  So in the future, if you happen to meet someone who you know has been “cloned”, remember, they are human beings with feelings just like you and I.

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