Cloning Argument

Our society can benefit from cloning. Science fiction stories have put altered views into the minds of many people, but I think it scares them because it is so new. There are many movies that have had aliens in them and changed the views of space for people, but we still have government funding for space programs such as NASA. People will just have to get used to the idea of cloned individuals. The technology is so new that it will take years to develop, but I think that cloning humans is inevitable, whether it be for medical purposes, research, or to satisfy the needs of infertile couples, etc.

Cloning has the potential to produce enormous health benefits. One benefit is to create better genetically engineered animals to treat human diseases. Another benefit is to create models for the study of human diseases. There is also a possibility to regenerate human tissue such as skin and spinal cord tissue and maybe even organs if the technology has a chance to develop. However, the discussion is ahead of the science right now according to Dr. Harold E. Varmus. Right now cloning is very unsuccessful. Out of 277 embryos, Dolly was the only survivor.

Cloning is not immoral because of copying genetic code; in fact, it is the same concept as twins, except one is older than the other is. There are 150 million twins in the world that does not have unique genetic code. I also do not think that we will have to worry about diseases or epidemics because of genetic diversity. First of all, there are 5 billion people on earth, and secondly, cloning will be done on a modest scale because of cost and not all mothers will want to be the mother of a clone.

Cloning will not result in monsters or freaks. DNA is copied during cloning, but not modified like it is in genetic engineering, which could lead to the creation of unusual individuals. On the other hand, genetic could have a lot of positive potential, but it is very risky. Cloning is tame compared to genetic engineering. If cloning frightens you, genetic engineering will petrify you.

There has been some concern as to whether or not evil dictators will abuse cloning, however, a person’s environment and experience has a lot more impact on morals and personality than you may think. I don’t think that cloning will contribute to the desires of an evil dictator. While cloning does make a physical copy of an individual, it does not guarantee a copy of the same person. Another way to look at it is that banning cloning in the U.S. will not stop the science in other countries.

The technology needs time and money to develop. Cloning has a low success rate so far, and it may cause accidental death, but in perspective, there are no human activities that are accident free. It is absurd to ban a new technological breakthrough just because it isn’t perfectly safe.

Another question brought up is cloning people for their organs. My stance on this subject is that a cloned individual is still a person and should not be denied any rights that a normal person has. People can’t force someone to give them their organs, and you can’t kill anyone to use their organs because existing laws already prevent this. However, if the technology has a chance to develop, scientists may be able to clone individual organs, which would not involve cloning an entire person.

There are many that stand against cloning for religious purposes, but the Bible does not prohibit human cloning. Even though, there will always be those individuals who are against cloning because of religion. Religious leaders can attempt to persuade that cloning isn’t right, but putting a ban on cloning is like forcing religion, and legal enforcements of religious beliefs is a bad idea and it is also against the U.S. Constitution. Some people say that cloning is like playing God. With this rational, so is birth control, heart transplants, and vitro fertilization, which society already accepts.

In order to prevent the abuse of cloning, there should be regulations. This is a summarizes version of the regulations that was used in the presentation: 
 1. Human clones should be declared to have the same legal rights and responsibilities as any other human being.

2. A living person should not be cloned without their written consent.

3. Human clones should only be gestated and delivered by a voluntary adult woman.

4. The cloning of convicted murderers and other violent criminals should be prohibited.Without regulations, cloning may be abused. There are laws and regulations for many controversial topics, such as abortion, guns, alcohol, medical treatments, etc. Cloning should not be treated any differently.

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