Can cloning help Silvia?

Silvia suffers cosmetic deformity of her face. She has tried to get help from her home in Italy but has not found anyone with advanced enough technology to help her. She shares her pain in the story below and if anyone knows of anything or anyone that might help her please contact her by e-mail. 

Dear Human cloning foundation, 
I am miss Silvia ….. from Italy. In 21 YEARS of immense suffering I have contacted many good international surgeons that do craniofacial and maxillofacial surgery (also if I am not a rich woman), but there is not hope to solve my case as I want (it would be necessary to alterate the skull, the cranium and it’s very riskfull and to change the shape of the mandibles. I have ask You to ask to dr. Seed if he is disposed to study my case (I want to clone the face of the person that represents my ideal and than, if it is possible to transplant on me or also total head, also I want to mantain my brain, my way to think, my capabilities, my interior). I know that perhaps it’s impossible and the decision to die I have not taken yestarday, but after many years of suffering and the impossibility to solve my problem. I didn’t want to change my face to have attention of other persons: it would be stupid and superficial. It’s the relation with myself, to be good with myself: it’s ESSENTIAL for me to live my life.

I hope that after my death science will continue to research in this field, so to can help other persons that are in my situation. You write me that You want to publish all situation : please DON’T publish MY NAME AND SURNAME but only (general) my case without referiment to my person. I have always supported my affliction with dignity and I am a reservate person with a tragic life and I want You respect MY DESIRE.I am sorry to continue to disturb You with my case, but I ensure You that my aflliction is enormous also if in this time the decision to die and the help of this person that stay with me when I will die has give me a moment of serenity. I ensure You that I have fought with all my forces: I have contacted all, I have made all that it’s possible. Now I am very tired and only when I fall in sleep I forget to exist.

I thank You very much for attention.

My kindest regards, 

Silvia adds in a more recent communication that:

“It’s necessary to change the base of bony structure (to reduce the mandibles and bring them back, to reduce the cranium, the distance between ears and temples, so to change the shape of my face.)”

We hope that human cloning will lead to the cloning of bones, facial tissue, and anything else that is needed to improve cosmetic surgery so that more people can be helped

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