Help me! Clone my Kidneys

The recent death of football great Walter Payton, who did not receive a liver transplant in time, highlights the need to proceed with cloning technology to save lives.  The essay below is by a girl who may needlessly die if the moratorium on federal funding for cloning technology is not lifted immediately.

 I am a United States citizen who is twenty-seven-years old.  I have had two kidney transplants, and my current transplant is in failure.  I was born with normal functioning kidneys.  I developed a kidney disease called Membranous Nephrotic Syndrome from being exposed to hemolytic streptococci several times in my childhood.  The disease caused my kidneys to slowly fail.  I had 45 percent use of my kidneys from the age of nine until I was seventeen years of age.  At that time I had my first transplant because my kidneys had completely failed. The kidney was donated from my father, but due to an exposure to a CMV virus in a blood transfusion the kidney transplanted only lasted for five years.  At that time I had a second transplant.  This kidney was donated from my mother.

     I am now in kidney failure for the third time in my life.  I have no prospects for a potential living related donor.  The only thing the doctors can do in order to keep me alive while I am waiting for a kidney is put me on dialysis.  This is a very painful and physically draining ordeal.  I have to do it every other day for four hours at a time.  The dialysis machine removes the waste from my system that the kidneys cannot.  The machine also removes water, vitamins, and nutrients from my system at the same time it removes the waste.  All of these items in my blood turn to poison when they cannot be removed naturally.  I have many medical complications due to dialysis.  Vomiting, nausea, extreme pain, the inability to eat, the inability to drink, the inability to walk, insomnia, and extreme fatigue are only some of the complications.  I have had added stress to my heart on a dialysis machine, and needed to be rushed to the emergency room several times for possible heart attacks. I cannot live on dialysis for more than a few months.  It is too strenuous on my body.

     I take immune suppressants in order to keep my adopted kidney alive as long as possible.  These drugs I take have given me: high blood pressure, cervical cancer, sensitivity to sunlight, hand tremors, head aches, nausea, an ulcer, easily scaring skin, more facial hair, abnormal menstrual cycles, water retention, brittle bones (I have broken several bones since I have been taking the drugs), increased appetite,  stereotypical features such as round face and abdomen, thinning hair, blemishes, rashes, hot flashes, fatigue, the loss of my thyroid, weight gain, memory loss, mood swings, depression, and inability to maintain a normal life style.

     I was born with normal kidneys.  If there were anyway I could clone my own kidney and have it transplanted into my own body, I could live a relatively normal life.  I would no longer have to take the immune suppressants.  I should be able to live a long and healthy life without the complications associated with my immune suppressants.  I could also life without the fear of rejection of the kidney.  It would be a complete and total miracle.  It would save my life.

      There is a good chance that if some kind of cloning is not developed by the time I need a kidney transplant; I may not live long enough on dialysis to have a transplant from a cadaver.

      I will do anything with in my power to help persons understand the necessity of cloning organs for medical reasons.  It will save lives.  There are persons life myself who cannot wait for someone to die to give them an organ, They do not have the time.

     I, Shauna Carroll Anderson, give you permission to use this letter in any way that can promote the knowledge of cloning in a positive light.  I give you permission to use any information about me in any way to help promote cloning in a positive light for medical reasons.  Thank you for your interest and I hope my letter is or can be helpful to you in helping persons see how important cloning is to the future of medicine.

I wish my thoughts to be sent to as many persons who will listen. I give anyone permission to use anything about me personally, anything I say, or write, to promote cloning in a positive light.  Anyone can reach me at


I am willing to converse with anyone. I will answer any questions. I am willing to do whatever I can in order to help people understand my perspective. It will really save lives. I am proud to be apart of making people understand that.

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