The Human Cloning Romance

In this lifetime, two people, Richard and Ann, found each other and fell in love. They were ridiculously happy and they believed that they were made for each other. They loved all the same things and fit together like a like a nut and bolt of the strongest steel. At times in their relationship there were challenges but they only grew stronger after them. They also grew more and more alike in their thinking and in what they enjoyed. They never once raised their voices to each other in their long courtship. Life was hard, they both worked very hard, but it perfect, and it was beautiful when they were together.

Then it was time to get married. Suddenly, Richard and Ann found their support systems falling apart. “She’s not of the same religion.” “He’s not for you.” “You can’t take care of someone else’s child.” It seemed like their families and friends were all against them. The pressure was enormous as these two people loved their families and their friends. It became apparent that they could not have the love of each other and the love of their family and friends. Richard and Ann tried and they tried, but love is not always rational. There was no way to change everyone to see what they could see.

They were torn between their different kinds of love and their loyalties, and ironically, love was the one thing they had that could tear them apart. In the end it did. They would have overcome even this crisis of love in time, but one of them fell ill, was the victim of medical malpractice, and will never recover.

These two people want to try love again. They want to be cloned and raised by families that will love and support them. They want to be able to meet again as adults but with families and friends that will be more supportive.  Sure, maybe it won’t work out the second time around, but they want the chance for there was never a better love than theirs.

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