Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Human Cloning and the Human Cloning Foundation

The HCF tends to be asked the same questions over and over again.  In fact the massive amount amount of email since inception is causing us to create a FAQ on Human Cloning and about the Human Cloning Foundation.  This project was started on 03/28/1999.  So far we are building our question list.  If you would like to help us out with the answers to any of these questions please email us your answers at 
It is our intention to document sources and facts very carefully for this FAQ when able to do so.

Legal Stuff 
In what countries is human cloning allowed? 
Is cloning illegal in the United States? 
Questions often asked of the Human Cloning Foundation 
Is it difficult to obtain material from willing persons, who wish to be cloned? 
Has there been an experiment whereby an adult human body has been created, having not gone through the normal growth period, from baby to adulthood? 
Is the technology available to clone a person today or tomorrow? 
What are the success and failure rates of animal cloning? 
How long will it be before human cloning is perfected? 
Are clones an exact copy of the person from whom they are cloned? 
Are scientists still cloning animals to work out any problems or have they stopped? 
What do you think would be the greatest negative outcome or possibility if humans were ever to be cloned? 
What do you think the greatest positive outcome or possibility would  be if humans were to ever be cloned? 
How close do you really think society is to perfecting the cloning procedure on mammals? 
Do you think the possible positive outcomes of cloning outweigh the  possible negative outcomes of it? 
Do you feel that the government should ban human cloning? 
Do you feel that the government should restrict human cloning? 
Timeline Questions 
When was Dolly cloned?

The benefits of human cloning 
The three ways to clone mammals! 
Help for students writing essays or doing projects 
Prominent people in support of human cloning! 
Organizations that support human cloning 
The Human Cloning Foundation and Dr. Richard Seed 
Essays supporting human cloning published by the HCF 
Essays supporting human cloning written by the HCF 
Publish your pro-cloning essay here 
Best scientific essays in support of human cloning 
Books about human cloning (nonfiction) 
Books about human cloning (fiction) 
Books about DNA 
Books about infertility 
Books about genetics and genetic engineering 
Movies that deal with human cloning or related topics 
Links to other web sites in support of human cloning 
Link exchange program 
Storing DNA for cloning 
Subscribe to the “Friends of Human Cloning” mailing list! 
About the Human Cloning Foundation 
Contact the Human Cloning Foundation

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