The Human Cloning Foundation publishes essays in support of human cloning


The Human Cloning Foundation publishes essays in support of human cloning (the HCF is incorporated in the state of Georgia)

The Human Cloning Foundation is interested in publishing your pro-cloning essay at this website.  The HCF publishes essays from professionals, writers, scientists, and students.

NEW! Students doing cloning essays for school projects are particularly welcome.

The HCF is willing to publish to your specifications.  It is optional to attach your name, biographical data, or your e-mail address.

It’s easy to get your essay published.  Simply send it to the HCF inside an e-mail or as a file attached to e-mail to  It’s better to send it as a text file attached to e-mail as there is less corruption of the file in transit.  Please separate the paragraphs by spaces and put your e-mail address at the bottom, as well as your name, if you want these items to appear with your essay.  A note about who you are would be welcome.

Speak out in favor of human cloning!

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