Prominent people who support human cloning include:

Gregory Pence, PhD author and bioethicist 
John Robertson, JD author and attorney at law 
Mark Eibert, JD attorney who is challenging anti-cloning laws in California 
Richard Seed, PhD one of the first scientists to go public about his interest and support for human cloning 
Lee Silver, PhD biologist and author, and perhaps the foremost spokesperson in support of human cloning and biotechnology 
Laurence H. Tribe, JD constitutional law professor 
Stephen Hawking astrophysicist 
Thomas Harkin United States Senator 
Robert H. Foote Cornell professor emeritus 

Declaration in Defense of Cloning published by Free Inquiry Magazine and signed by thirty-one prominent people

Prominent people in support of human cloning! 
The benefits of human cloning 
Organizations that support human cloning 
The Human Cloning Foundation and Dr. Richard Seed 
Essays supporting human cloning published by the HCF 
Essays supporting human cloning written by the HCF 
Publish your pro-cloning essay here 
Help for students writing essays or doing projects 
Best scientific essays in support of human cloning 
Recommended novels and nonfiction books (great reads!) 
Movies that deal with cloning 
Links to other websites in support of human cloning 
Link exchange program 
Millionaires are cloning their dog Missy

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