Feel free to copy the chicken in a lab coat

Human cloning has gotten a bad rap.  There are a lot of people that are pro-cloning that are chicken to speak up about it.  The press decided that the anti-cloning story was the best “hook” and ran with it.  The anti-cloning ferver escalated out of control and beyond all reason.  Naturally those in favor of cloning became scared to speak out because of public ridicule.  Anti-cloning scientists and politicians reveled in the glory of being on the “right side of the issue.”  It is hard for anyone who is pro-cloning to speak up and endure the reaction in the current climate.  The chicken in the lab coat pokes fun at this situation where scientists are scared to speak up.  Feel free to copy this picture and use it in any essay, presentation, or website.  Try to mention the Human Cloning Foundation and the artist Jun Macam. Four different versions are posted below. 

Chicken in a laboratory coat.

The lower two pictures are more blurry but also are fewer kilobytes and so load on a web page faster.  Feel free to “clean up” and alter the pictures to get them to load faster or otherwise to suite your purposes.

The chicken in a lab coat 
The lamb 
The “Three babies” logo 
The “Three men” logo 
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