The “Three Men” logo

This is another logo for the Human Cloning Foundation.  B. Priestley has given permission for anyone to copy it and use it in pro-cloning essays, websites, presentations, or projects.  Please mention B. Priestley and the Human Cloning Foundation.  

Another prototype for the HCF logo.

You can use use your web browser to capture the picture above.  For example, in Netscape simply do a right mouse click on any picture that you like and a dialogue box will come up that says “save image as,” which you can use to save the picture to your hard drive.

A list of pictures available from the Human Cloning Foundation would include: 
Go get the picture of A chicken in a doctor’s coat 
Go get the “Three Babies Logo” for the Human Cloning Foundation 
Go get the “Three Men Logo” for the Human Cloning Foundation 
Go get the picture of a lamb 
Go get the animated gif of a lamb being cloned!

Be careful about accidently picking up a picture from one of the links to a page that was not created by this author.  I can only give the rights to the pictures that are on the pages that I created myself.  Each of the pages that I created falls under the hierarchy.  Each page created by me also say Human Cloning Foundation at the top.

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