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The Friends of Human Cloning newsletter is published once per month or every other month.  It is for those who support human cloning and its technology, and do not want to see this miraculous new technology banned or restricted inappropriately. You can easily join the newsletter.  Simply provide us with your e-mail address.  We respect … Read moreJoin the “Friends of Human Cloning” Internet Newsletter

CLONING FOR BIOETHICISTS Cloning for Bioethicists trys to narrow existing gaps between those who reject cloning as a means of saving lives and those who advocates for the development of such technique in order to offer human beings a realistic possibility of enjoying a much healthier and prolonged existence. Last year about 2.4 million people died in … Read moreCLONING FOR BIOETHICISTS

MARK D. EIBERT, attorney and patient advocate, supports human cloning and reproductive freedom Mark D. Eibert is an attorney in private practice in San Mateo, California.  He is a nationally known advocate for the rights of infertile people. Mr. Eibert, who believes that cloning technology offers the cure for infertility, is currently investigating the possibility … Read more

Human Cloning will Help Cure Infertility

The Human Cloning Foundation supports using human cloning technology as a cure for infertility.  We believe that people should not be denied the right to have children. SOMATIC CELL NUCLEAR TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY (CLONING) Individuals should be free to chose whatever methods are effective for enabling them to have children.  The latest technique, somatic nuclear transfer, … Read moreHuman Cloning will Help Cure Infertility

Don’t Be Duped by the Telomere Scare

als have telomeres of all different lengths.  Those with long telomeres do not necessarily live longer than those with short telomeres. Mice without telomerase have lived normal lifespans. Telomeres do not always shorten with age. The Japanese team cloning mice has used cells from many different parts of the body (including the tail in their … Read moreDon’t Be Duped by the Telomere Scare