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Why an infertile woman with no viable eggs wants human cloning as explained by her husband

Against a Prohibition on Cloning Back when my wife, Lesley, and I thought we may be having children of our own, we had two names picked out in case our child was a girl: Theresia and Penny. I have used both names in discussions of this subject; here, I speak of Theresia. However, because of … Read moreWhy an infertile woman with no viable eggs wants human cloning as explained by her husband

James H.’s Essay in Support of Human Cloning

James is a concerned high school student in the United States.  Society has always scorned the scientific threat to people’s firm beliefs and the laws of nature.  From the rejection of the heliocentric theory to the opposition of birth control, prominent institutions have constantly attempted to suppress the advancement of science.  Now the prospect of … Read moreJames H.’s Essay in Support of Human Cloning