Laws in the United States

Post Reply Main Forum I’m writing a paper for sociology and need to know which states already have laws in place regarding cloning. Where can I find this information? Thank you for your time. Email me at | Edit | Post Reply | Recommend | Alert View All Return to this forum’s home page! Replies To This Message Re: Laws in the United States Ranolfe … Read moreLaws in the United States

Re: Again to Mr. Wicker!

Re: Re: Again to Mr. Wicker! — Ranolfe Wicker Post Reply Main Forum eh…….look like you embrace eugenic….why don’t you think about the holocaust for several mins??? it is true that one person may have some advantage over others due to his/her superior genetic composition…..but this is minimal for human species (significant for animals, of course)….it is … Read moreRe: Again to Mr. Wicker!

Post Reply Main Forum The “Reproductive Cloning Network” is as of yet uncompleted, and at present undergoing beta-testing and construction. You can observe the current state of the site at: The network site links and descriptions will be up within the next week. Any suggestions, corrections or contributions are welcome. Your Humble Servant R. Moorgate Web-designer … Read more