It’s Unethical To Ban Human Cloning

Human cloning offers so many promises of medical and scientific advancement that it is unethical to ban human cloning. The medical discoveries that will be made during the course of cloning research will contribute to the never-ending quest for understanding ourselves and defining who we are. Scientists will be working on a genetic level never … Read moreIt’s Unethical To Ban Human Cloning

Human Cloning: Why It Should be Allowed

Even the idea of a human clone sounds intriguing. The concept of having someone similar to you, both physically and somewhat emotionally, is mind blowing. While the first human clone is no doubt years away, the fact remains that this is an inevitable step for mankind. The medical world would benefit enormously from cloning, including … Read moreHuman Cloning: Why It Should be Allowed

Help me! Clone my Kidneys

 I am a United States citizen who is twenty-seven-years old.  I have had two kidney transplants, and my current transplant is in failure.  I was born with normal functioning kidneys.  I developed a kidney disease called Membranous Nephrotic Syndrome from being exposed to hemolytic streptococci several times in my childhood.  The disease caused my kidneys … Read moreHelp me! Clone my Kidneys is the official site in support of human cloning technology. The Human Cloning Foundation has been determined to be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Message Boards You’ll find the liveliest discussions in the Net in our Message Boards. Let your thoughts be known! Human … Read