Movies that deal with cloning

Remember that cloning is often portrayed as evil in movies because it makes for a better story. If you know of any other movie that deals with cloning, genetic engineering, stem cell research, or related areas, please send the Human Cloning Foundation an e-mail at

Jurassic Park – Dinosaurs are cloned from DNA. Great special effects!  A miraculous movie event especially when it first came out and we weren’t so spoiled by special effects. 
The Lost World – Dinosaurs are cloned again and so are the special effects! 
The Boys from Brazil – A cult classic involving the Hitler scenario starring Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier. 
Sleeper – a Woody Allen movie. 
Multiplicity – Michael Keaton is cloned, Andie MacDowell 
Invasion of the Body Snatchers – Pods are clones in this science fiction classic. 
Stepford Wives – Cloning perfect wives in suburbia. 
A Stolen Life – With Bette Davis and Glenn Ford, actually a movie about twins, but twins are clones. 
Clones – A 1973 movie. 
The Clones of Bruce Lee – 1984 martial arts movie. 
Blade Runner – A science fiction classic. 
Cloned Lives – So far we don’t have a review of this one. 
Johnny 2.0 – A Sci Fi channel movie with Jeff Fahey. 
Star Wars – Clones and clone wars. 
Judge Dredd 
American Ninja 2 
Twins – Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are twins (clones). 
Gattaca – Stars Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman in a futuristic look at genetic engineering. 
Alien Resurrection – A great sequel in which Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is cloned to once again fight the aliens. 
The Clonus Horror – a movie in which the hero is a clone on a clone farm. It displays some of the ethical issues on cloning and even gets into political agendas.  One person who suggested this movie to the HCF reports that the movie is “Pretty scarry for the seventies.”

The Human Duplicators – Low budget movie also called Jaws of the Alien.

All about Eve – Clones show up on the TV Show the X-Files.  The episode is so popular it’s now out on video.

Dr. Stitch – It’s a stretch to consider this movie about cloning.  A a doctor makes a person out of other people’s parts.

Face Off –  In movies dealing (near or far) with cloning. One movie that comes to mind, is Face Off with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage.  It’s a movie about an FBI officer (Travolta) getting a facial transplant so that he looks like a notorious terrorist (Cage). He sort of becomes a clone of his enemy by plastic surgery.  This operation enables him to infiltrate a terrorist group and therefore….well you’ll have to see it. The major problem is that the terrorist (whose face he borrowed) comes back to life after a coma and has his own face “genetically stitched.” A movie with lots of action and beautiful photography , originality, lots of  technical displays on genetic manipulation and all sorts of interesting details. Don’t miss it !

Starman – with Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. A story about an alien being coming to Earth and taking the body of a young man through synthesizing his DNA. It is quite fascinating to see how John Carpenter, director of this film, visualized the cloning sequence and made it believable for a movie of the 1980’s.

The Fifth Element – with the very famous Bruce willis and the newborn star Mila Jovovich. There’s an amazing scene about cloning in this one!  Watch when the scientists recreate the whole body of a very beautiful young lady from just the remains of a hand, the rest having been destroyed by a terrible space explosion.  This whole action movie is worth seeing over and over again just for the beauty and creativity expressed in that scene: a machine pin-pointing the exact DNA structure of an individual ( and a very perfect one at that, hear the 
engineer’s comments . . . ) and building every bit of bone, tissue, muscle, blood vessel, skin, hair and all with the basic elements needed for the 
creation of life.

Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler –   starring Bradford Dillman, Leslie Nielson, Angie Dickinson, Jack Carter and James Daly.  It deals with cloning humans to provide perfectly DNA matched organs for transplant. The film 
was made in 1971.

The Creator – from 1985 staring people like Peter O’toole and Mariel Hemmingway.  It’s about a man who is attempting to clone his dead wife.  A really good movie.

*Several people have contributed to this page by sending in suggestions and information about movies.

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