“Eternal Man”

While everyone is complaining about Cloning not being a  big deal, and that it won’t be the same person, one must wonder why the scientists miss the obvious. Years ago before any of this new technology and discovery, I had a vision and complex understanding that man would eventually be able to map the brain, understand it’s workings while looking at a model of it called the computer.

I understood that man would eventually be able to take the memory and energy of the mind and interact it with computers. I also saw it a step further as in the many uses from this ability. One being the eventual ability to transfer the mind to a new vessel.  Right now the best bet is the same person’s vessel which would involve cloning.

In the future, there might be easier and more sensable means of cloning ourselves than the present discovery. People come up with excuses like; “you can’t, cause it won’t have a soul,” because poor religious teachings come into play.  I have shown people that they misinterpret their scripture.  After showing them through scripture, I take it a step further, and show them scientifically.  I prove it by showing them that energy can’t exist as conciousness without a processor (the brain/vessel).  By itself the energy (soul) can’t have senses or conciousness, but once processed in the vessel it’s a living entity. Therefore this is the only life we have, as life created by evolving in series of processions in order that the soul could be placed in a vessel, in that it could have a conciousness and experience life.

Once we die the Vessel goes back to the dust and the energy (Soul) dissipates into the nature of the world, but has no conciousness because it has no processor.   This means that the afterlife is just a fantasy myth, making it a reason why me and my  revelations are suppressed,  because this would destroy the validity of most  religious faiths. Another excuse is the Clone will feel inferior and weird.   Well didn’t we say the same thing about Test tube babies?

If it’s part of life and advances, why should we be ashamed or feel different?  People for ages have fought against anything new.  The telephone, the TV, the Micro Wave. Eventually they all become taken for granted and  part of our everyday Life, as no-one ever admits they were a, fuddy duddy, fighting against progress. So, by bringing together two differnet technological breakthroughs and revealing the true scripture, I have managed to show the science community and the higher authority where we could be heading in perfecting man and the  earth.

These Ideas with other great things, have been sent to the President,  and other Gov’t officials as well as Gov’t and Nasa Projects and the U.N. and  Israeli Organizations.   A week after I sent them, the President held a Science Millenium Symposium  to discuss the future to come that  I brought to their attention and Stephen Hawkings supported the claims as he shared many of the same visions.

A  few Months later of hard work, trying to break this techno illiterate Main  stream Media, I finally caught the attention of Sci Fi Channels show “Sightings.” They became intrigued with other’s works on the Soul Catcher Chips, EPISODE #5067, which allows recording of ones life events onto computer chip.  Just one of the steps towards my visions.

Later, after mailing the station, they had a special about BIOPERFECTION:  BUILDING THE NEW HUMAN RACE, which dwells on eternal man and perfecting man  to live longer, as well as Nanotechnology which brings about many of the things I forsee in the future, replenishing and healing us and the planet.  People have  no clue to the meaing of all this or the ability to help cause they are held back  by poor teachings of how things are and what Heaven is. It’s always been this earth to make of it, and by placing heaven elsewhere by fantasy,  then people can’t fathom this place perfected or even try to make it happen. That’s where my work is most important, in changing attitudes and showing people the true meaning of life, for a positive and successful future.

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