Human cloning from a sensitive male point of view

MFA, MS, California

It should be a constitutional right of every individual to choose the method and outcome of their 
reproduction. Parenting and reproduction should be limited to people who are financially and 
emotionally able and responsible individuals in order to prevent bringing into the world children that are unwanted or won’t receive adequate care from their parents. Cloned or not, all children are the same, and there is no need to change or append laws that govern this matter.

It is a popular belief that women love and want to have children more than men. Although this may be true, there are some men that strongly desire children as well, but are, in the absence of a mate, unable to have them (while it is much easier for women to have a child on their own if they choose to). Allowing human cloning will slightly alleviate this inequality. Ideally, one prefers to have both parents, but there is no guarantee that children from these families 
experience more love and attention than in one parent families. One parent families exist today 
already, so bringing up a child produced through cloning would not be any different. Legal or ethical issues have been quite overblown – in the case of a single cloning to exercise individual
reproductive right, parenthood and child rights would be as currently defined. Today we have surrogate mothers that are providing a service of bringing a baby to term and delivering it for infertile couples, so this part is already regulated. The only difference from the current situation is that the genetic material would come from a single person rather than two, but this is quite a technical detail. If today one can get sperm and an egg from anonymous donors, and find a woman (all providers are financially compensated) to be an incubator for nine months, there is not much more legally involved in simple cloning.

Another reason for accepting human cloning are people of both genders that have not found a mate that they would like to share genetic material with in their offspring. In such cases it should be their right to have a wanted child through cloning. It should be obvious that in such cases, after investing a substantial sum of money, the child would be highly desired by a parent (let alone that it carries parent’s exact genes), and would get more attention and love than most 
“regular” children.

In conclusion, men are unable to have children unless they find a mate while this is not true for 
women. Human cloning is a technology that would expand reproductive options of individuals and relieve current situation that is unfair for men. It should be allowed, while establishing rules that would prevent its misuse.

Mihailo Alic, MFA, MS, California

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