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The Friends of Human Cloning newsletter is published once per month or every other month.  It is for those who support human cloning and its technology, and do not want to see this miraculous new technology banned or restricted inappropriately.

You can easily join the newsletter.  Simply provide us with your e-mail address.  We respect your privacy and don’t even require your name because we know that human cloning is a controversial issue.

To join the newsletter.  To join, simply click here, register for the newsletter, and send us enough information to join.

Who is the newsletter for?  The newsletter is for those who support human cloning and its technology.  We’ll keep you up to date on developments pertinent to human cloning and its technology.  We hope that the newsletter will promote activism and volunteerism in support of human cloning, its technology, and other forms of biotechnology.

What is the Human Cloning Foundation?  The HCF is a corporation in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  The HCF is currently applying for tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  The HCF was started by a physician who remains its principal benefactor.  The HCF evolved in response to the “yellow journalism” that surrounded the announcement of Dolly, the first cloned mammal.  There was a perceived need to counteract all the inaccurate and negative press that arose about human cloning.  The Human Cloning Foundation is currently an all volunteer group consisting of five board members who maintain the HCF website at

Thanks for your interest in human cloning and its technology!

– The Human Cloning Foundation

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