Lloyd’s Second Pro-Cloning Essay

Human cloning should be legalized for any non-threatening reason. On February of 1997 the first mammal was cloned. Scottish scientists cloned a sheep by the name of Dolly. It was a breakthrough in scientific research.

Cloning is done by extracting the DNA from anywhere on a womans body and inserting that DNA into the womans egg.  The resulting fertilization is cultivated and the embryos are placed in the womb.

Worldwide attention simultaneously turned to the prospect of human cloning. Legislatures around the world banned any research related to cloning because of its nature. If cloning humans is allowed then it will benefit everyone. Medical advances and understanding can be obtained from cloning technology which will help everyone improve and prolong their lives.

Hopefully I will persuade you that cloning isn’t bad at all. Cloning is beneficial because the technology will give us a better understanding of the way our bodies work. It will end many diseases and prevent new unforeseen ones. Also, couples unable to bear children will be able to through cloning. Organs can be cloned reducing the long waiting lists that many people in need of organs suffer. So you see cloning is not evil as many have argued but is a great asset to our society. To get rid of cloning research would be very harmful and detrimental to us all. There are valid arguments against cloning but none of them hold up under close inspection.

I implore readers to examine closely and unbiasely the impact that cloning will have on all or our lives. I plead to politicians who want cloning banned to explore the benefits that cloning will have.

One of the main arguments concerns the immorality/morality of cloning.  The cloning of oneself is worse than incest because like incest, it blurs the lines of kinship(Kontorovich, 30).  Many state that cloning debases the essence of humanity.  The cloning of oneself will in no way reduce the value of what it is to be human. Cloning is just another way of reproducing. Alternative methods of fertilization and surrogate motherhood have gained moral status so why not cloning?  There were cries of immorality when birth control pills and heart transplant surgery were introduced.  These innovations have gained widespread acceptance. This is to say that banning something before its potential is examined is a huge mistake. Also, there is nothing wrong with a person cloning oneself. Cloning will not produce freaks of nature or mutated human beings. That can happen through genetic engineering, not human cloning.

Many argue that cloning is immoral because the cloned child will be forced to become a certain thing. Example would be that a clone of Reggie White will be expected to become a football player when he comes of age. A clone of Einstein will be forced to take studies in astrophysics and mathematics. These assumptions are misguided. These things can and do happen all the time. Parents often force their children to become more like them in their image. We might condemn fundamentalist parents for utterly isolating their children.(Wachbroit)  Most parents are not like that however, and will allow their children(cloned or not) to develop into their own person.

A cloned person is just like a twin only years apart. A cloned person has its own personality because it is the environment and experiences that make the person. Any beliefs that clones are mindless human beings are wrong. Many of you readers even assert that the worst could happen. Dictators could clone massive superarmies. This is highly unlikely. It would mean that for 18-20 years a government would have to spend billions of dollars rearing up thousands of independent minded men, all in secrecy. Nowadays, and especially in the future with more advanced satellites, projects as massive as this will not lie in secrecy for long. Once the world finds out they would not allow it to continue. The prospect of massive cloned army is highly unlikely.  The prevailing belief that people will start cloning a master race or clone Hitler is unrealistic(Macklin, 64).  The cloning of humans will not depreciate humanity. Instead it will be a bonus to mankind.

Another concern and the strongest of the arguments that my readers have is that it goes against Gods will. Since reproduction through copulation is the norm everything that goes against that is wrong, many assert.  Our society will not be able to handle the responsibilities that God has (Komyate).  This certitude is not firmly grounded. There was similar criticism of the aforementioned birth control pills and organ transplant surgery but they have gradually gained acceptance. When revolutionary advances occur there are always those who oppose it because it disrupts the normality of things. Religious leaders are entitled to preach their beliefs to whomever but it all amounts to particular beliefs of the individual (Vere).

Renowned Chicago physicist Dr Richard Seed who plans to begin cloning within the next couple of years believes mankind will come one step closer to God with the emergence of human cloning. In Genesis it says that man was created in the likeness of God. (Genesis 1:27) It also says in the Bible that God wants us to be more like him. (Bible) Cloning gets us to be more like God when we create man in his own image.

Another primary argument is the fact that as of now the cloning technology is too risky. When Dolly was cloned she was the only successful attempt out of 277 tries! That tells you that something was desperately wrong with the other 276.(Wolf, 88).  The technique is difficult and wasteful(Wilmut).  I concede the procedure of cloning such advanced mammals as sheep let alone humans is painstaking and complex. Many things have to go just right in order for the procedure to be successful. This calls for further research not a banning of cloning.  Through more research we will be able to clone more efficiently than the Scottish scientists did with Dolly. Mistakes will be made and there will be casualties. Those things go along with progress. In vitro fertilization wasn’t successful the first time around. Neither was organ transplant surgery. Further research will help us better understand the technology and how to apply it effectively.

Current cloning projects on monkeys which are very similar to humans will better help us understand how to clone humans. Sure the technology is not up to par as of yet but with hard work and perserverance it will be in a few years.

The medical advances that cloning will bring to humanity is startling.  For millenia countless people have died from infirmities and diseases because their vital organs failed on them.  Many techniques have been tried to solve this common dilemma.  Centuries ago people bleed patients by cutting the skin to allow blood to drain out.  This was done in hopes of getting rid of bad blood.  As you may have guessed this approach was unsuccessful.  Not until the 20th Century have doctors been able to transfer organs from one body to another.  This has saved many lives but there are still many who die because of a shortage in the organ supply.  Cloning will solve that problem.  In the near future technology will improve so that medical scientists will be able to clone organs wholly outside of a human body!  To be able to clone human cells and tissues is seen as vital to medical progress (Carey, 44).  We will be able to duplicate a carbon copy of an healthy strong organ without a person having to donate one of his/her own organs.  This will greatly shorten the waiting list and waiting times that patients have to endure.  Patients often die because an organ didnt come in time.  The cloning of organs will eliminate this problem.  As you can see the use of cloning will have a very rewarding impact on our civilization as a whole since our health will improve.

 Another important reason to legalize cloning is to enable couples unable to bear children to be able to.  Many couples are unable to conceive children even with the aid of fertility drugs.  In Vitro fertilization also may at times be unsuccessful and many couples won’t consider adoption.  Cloning technology will increase the possibility of a barren couple conceiving.  No more will a couple not be able to experience the natural of their own child.

Also it is no ones prerogative to tell another human being what to do with his/her DNA.  If  someone wants to clone themselves than he has that right.  The government, or anyone else for that matter, has no license to ban someone from reproducing themselves.  Cloning is not bad and will not harm society as many assert.  People, such as Dr Seed, should be able to set up cloning clinics if they so choose.  As long as it doesn’t harm the other man or woman than why not?

The only government regulation that is necessary are preventive measures to stop people from taking advantage of the technology.  Because of the world we live in there will be people who will attempt to take advantage of cloning.  Millionaires might clone themselves just for their organs.  Abuse of the clone should be prohibited, cannot clone unless you have the persons consent, and human clones should have the same rights as everybody else.  These are the regulations that are desirable. They are mild yet not too restrictive, not too open door.

Another benefit that cloning will bring to us is a better undertstanding of our bodies.  Through cloning we will be able to grasp how cells behave and why they die.  In addition to the aforementioned organ cloning asset, cloning will also allow us to learn about the predisposition of certain cells to maladies such as cancer and tumors. Thus, cancer can be prevented!  Also, previously incurable diseases and undiscovered diseases can find that their cure originated in cloning related technology.  This advantage will be an enormous boost to mankind because it will prolong the life of many who would have died early.  Fear of having a life threatening familial genetic trait will be eradicated. Another way life can be prolonged is through the study of the lifespan of the bodys cells.  Through research in cloning, scientists might one day be able to prolong the lifespan of our cells!  Humans will be able to live longer and healthier lives.  Bad news for the Social Security Administration.

In conclusion, cloning will have enormous beneficial repercussions around the world.  Everyone will find themselves benefitting.  Thanks to cloning you might lead a robust and extended life.  The benefits of cloning are so great that it is a must that it be legalized.  Sure cloning can be made dangerous but we dont have to let that happen.  Cloning should be legalized for any non-threatening reason.  The only objection that stands up under analysis is that the technology has not been perfected. This is a justification for further research, not a prohibition(Vere). The end product, the actual cloned person, will feel unique and special rather than oppressed and ostracized.  It will be a testament to the willpower and intellect of mankind.  People who are in desperate need of organs will benefit by getting those much needed organs at a fraction of the time it would usually take, sometimes saving their life.  Possibly cures for incurable diseases can be found through cloning and cloning related reserach.  Barren couples will also benefit through cloning.  They too will experience what its like to bear their own child.  Something that too many people take for granted. I beg the politicians who want cloning banned to not act out of emotional response but look at what cloning has to offer.  To ban cloning is to cheat the world out of a very valuable service.  In the words of the prominent Dr. French Anderson Im struggling to find a reason why I wouldnt approve it (Anderson).  Think about it. 

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