Lloyd’s pro cloning essay

Lloyd is a college student and wrote this essay for a class. 

Many arguments have been brought forth against cloning. Some have put forth valid arguments stating the immorality of cloning. Others just get bad vibes when it comes to the idea of cloning humans. Still others use the religion argument saying it goes against God’s intention. These arguments are well founded but are just people’s opinions and/or beliefs which don’t account for everyone’s. My personal belief is that cloning is good for everyone. I m not saying everyone should clone themselves what I am trying to say is that cloning will greatly benefit humanity. Medical advances and a deeper understanding of ourselves would come with cloning if it were legalized. That would mean cloning will have a positive effect on the society as opposed to the negatives voiced by so many. I’ll hope to convince you that human cloning is a good thing which we shouldn’t waste time in beginning to develop the technology.

The point of many cloning critics is that cloning humans is against the will of Providence. However, it is mentioned in the Bible that man was created in the likeness of God (Bible, 1). In order to be more like God, which is his will, we can duplicate what he created. God will not be displeased, but pleased with this major accomplishment.

Cloning of humans is widely considered to be immoral and unethical. Many countries and legislatures have banned cloning based on the issue of morality. Allowing a barren couple to have children or to allow a couple who lost a child to have that same child again is not immoral at all. Couples can bring back, so to speak, a child who died in a car accident or a barren couple can bear children by cloning themselves if they desired. Society’s morale would be unchanged since human cloning doesn’t break any moral standards when closely examined.

Cloning will never reach the proportions envisioned by many critics of a country that is overrun by clones. If clones were legalized many people will still not use the technology because of their positions on the subject. Raising a mindless super race or super army is not realistic seeing that a cloned human is the same as any other human. They can think and act on their own just like everybody else. Humanity will not crumble but would be closer together than ever after human cloning makes everyone examine what it means to be human.

Human cloning’s medical benefits are astounding. Fetuses could be grown to harbor spare organ parts for patients in desperate need. This can save many lives and greatly decrease the amount of time a dying patient has to wait. The aforementioned fertility applications for barren couples or couples who lost a child are greatly beneficial. Cloning technology can also be used to improve ourselves. Through new information about genes, hormones, etc. received from cloning mankind can one day dicate what characteristics their offspring will have. A cloned child could be stronger, smarter, and healthier than his parents because of gene insertions done during his early stages of life. This isn’t immoral this is just improving of ourselves as a species.

Cloning humans isn’t the immoral, binger of death and destruction that many envision it to be. Instead it is a harbinger of good to mankind. Mankind will greatly benefit from cloning if it were legalized. There will be no barren couples or patients dying from a lack of spare organs. Also, the cloning of ourselves will help us better understand our bodies and how to improve upon it bringing us one step closer to immortality.

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