Thirty-one years of age and needs a liver

A victim of hepatitis explains his struggle to stay alive.

“I’m 31 years old.  In 1984 I got “Hepatitis epidemica,” which became chronic.  In 1988 in the army,  I  got “Shigella Flexneri VI,” which lead to diarrhea and additional diagnoses of  ulcerative colitis, hepatosplenomegaly, and cirrhosis.   I still have diarrhea, sometimes with blood.

I have tried many clinics and many physician specialists.  Anyway, some doctors think it’s an autoimmune process in the liver or colon, while some others think  it’s chronic hepatitis and ulcerative colitis.  Now I have no choice but I’m still looking for a MEDICATION TO USE INSTEAD of “INTETRIX” which would be LESS HARMFUL FOR MY LIVER.

I feel weakness, getting tired very fast.  I still have diarrhea when I don’t use INTETRIX  for two or three days.   Too cold or too warm of weather affect me very much.  I have a bad feeling, or something, like pressure over my heart.

One specialist suggested that I have a liver transplantation.  I heard something about CLONING the LIVER and something about GENETIC ENGINEERING.  I know that I maybe have no choice, and I’m ready to give myself for some experiment which maybe can help me, and to medical science.  If you know somebody who can help, please send me a message. Many  THANKS !!!”


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