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On this page, the Human Cloning Foundation has come up with many helpful links to web pages or web sites about human cloning

  1. Libertarian Party – on the topic of human cloning
  2. CLONING HUMANS!  –  the International Cloning Society (ICS)
  3. U.S. News 03/10/97: Human cloning? A bioethicist says don’t just say no
  4. New Scientist Planet Science: A triumph of hope…
  5. Ethics Of Human Cloning Debate To Be Held In Research Triangle Park
  6. Video: Interview with Dr. Richard Seed
  7. Moving Toward the Clonal Man – an article by James D. Watson in The Atlantic Monthly.
  8. Can We and Should We Clone Humans?
  9. Human Cloning and Re-Engineering
  10. Human Cloning with audio to hear American scientist Richard Seed
  11. Life After Dolly: Human Cloning – an examination of the issues that technology has now raised.
  12. FAQ – Human Cloning: Should It Be Done? What Would It Mean?
  13. Human Cloning: Is It Right? – part of a school project.
  14. Clonaid – human cloning.
  15. Interview with Richard Seed – NPR RealAudio interview with Dr. Richard Seed in which he announces that he and his colleagues are set to begin work on human cloning.
  16. Time Magazine on Cloning Information
  17. Dolly the Cloned Sheep Nuclear Transfer
  18. Time on Whether We Should Clone Humans?
  19. ResCloning Research Guides
  20. International stuff on cloning
  21. Human Cloning Research Will Be Regulated by the FDA
  22. FDA claims authority on cloning

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