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  1. Ron Bailey shows how a human clone would essentially be no different than an identical twin
  2. How the forces of government gather in fear of hypothetical clones
  3. Fred Smith examines earlier biotech panics
  4. The Case For Cloning in Time Magazine
  5. Cloning website by the creator of the newsgroup
  6. A great pro-cloing essay by Dr. Steven Vere
  7. A wife with no viable eggs wants cloning; an essay by her husband
  8. Pro-cloning quotes by Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, Senator Thomas Harkin, Richard Seed and others.
  9. Pro-cloning: “Cloning Humans: Is it Ethical?” by Dorothy C. Wertz.
  10. Declaration in Defense of Cloning
  11. “Genetic Encores: the Ethics of Human Cloning” by Robert Wachbroit
  12. Press Release from the Libertarian Party The Libertarian Party is pro-cloning.
  13. Legalisera Kloning! Legalize cloning!  The Swedish are progressive about cloning.  Why are they so rational?
  14. Storage of cells for cloning in Swedish
  15. Swedish site that supports cloning
  16. Press release from the Raelian Movement [March 10, 1997]
  17. Keep Cloning Legal How you can help to keep cloning legal
  18. Millionaires are cloning their dog Missy

Cloning pioneers:

Interview with Ian Wilmut bSalon Magazine conducted Feb 24, 1997.

Physicist Richard Seed 

News reports: 


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