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“Today: science fiction; tomorrow: fantastic reality; in between: a plan to transform cloning into a most marvelous tool in order to make life flourish throughout countless would be new worlds. Cloning life might herald the golden dawn of the ultimate technological revolution. It could lead to immortality as a feasible mean of wandering throughout the universe.”

Aside from emotions ranging from contempt about individuals craving to exploit cloning for the sake of vanity to fears of becoming oppressed by cloned tyrants or chased by dinosaurs, and the urgency to clone many endangered species, overcome infertility, generate transplantable organs, raise food output replicating selected animals, develop transgenic proteins, and so on, we ought also comprehend the need of leaping into a future where cloning is bound to be the mighty tool which would be used to multiply the intelligentsia spectrum, sow earthly life beyond our solar system, and -why not?- even to open the doors to immortality, commencing a new wonderful era when once more the “impossible” and “unthinkable” might just happen. 

In place of expanding frontiers of knowledge, would it not be a pitiful waste of opportunities to suppress human cloning research when mankind might be approaching the time of attempting to achieve its ages-old dream of traversing remote celestial spheres and landing on those where sort of earth-like life could be sustained? Such feats would acquire unsurpassable proportions if then being populated by means of numerous varieties of seeds, animal and human sperm, conserved cells, and cloned embryos available from genetic banks assembled aboard of a sparkling fleet of spaceships comparable because of their extraordinary living contents to sidereal Noah’s arks.

Unlike the primitive biblical one which could not carry frozen microorganisms, seeds of most existing plants, specimens of almost all known animals, and heterogeneous groups with peoples from every racial, ethnic, and cultural trait without having so colossal size that no existing vessel would even match, thanks to cryogenics, bio and nanotechnologies and other sciences probably would be possible to load into those spaceships so multitudinous kaleidoscopes of life, also to become the biological source of survival for their astronauts along the immeasurable Odyssey, together with most of knowledge gathered during millennia safely stored in cybernetic libraries as a marvelous baggage devised for leaving our cradle in quest of inhabiting new worlds and on the way perhaps meet alien civilizations and forms of life which might exist throughout cosmos. 
Given the scope of practically cloning earth’s life somewhere else, -an undertaking to challenge our imagination for generations-, would be senseless and risky to do it with unhealthy persons and defective animals and seeds, which may be staved off by careful screening where much of the fittest would be cloned ideally at rates of just a handful of copies per human donor and also few ones when duplicating animals and plants, as to maximize genetic diversity and protection against disease. Upcoming technologies would take care of adapting resulting creatures to the novel environments, making life to flourish and propagate in planets possibly as dull and barren as ours probably might have appeared to be eons ago. 
Playing God proliferating life throughout uncharted confines? Perhaps. But may be the highest 
triumph for the Creator is to see its creations re-create themselves. Nevertheless man began to meddle in nature since agriculture was discovered and few would scorn ever healthier people, bigger crops, tastier foods, more productive livestock, lovelier plants, and so many other useful and pleasant fruits from artificial selection and biotechnics. Furthermore -who knows it?- maybe earth’s life beginnings and ensuing evolutionary processes themselves were also the astonishing and very fortunate outcome of bold experiments performed by wandering extraterrestrials whose technological advance should had been much higher than our present development would be.

Amidst an era when almost all scientists who ever existed are alive, working, and mostly wired through Internet, and when potent computers capable of zillions of instructions per second and software designed to meet quite intricate demands are swiftly making progress, all of which is unleashing a truly formidable worldwide information chain reaction, science might surprise us anytime soon with the invention of spacecraft able of covering interstellar distances, and whose occupants’ life span would be relative to earth’s whenever traveling through a fourth dimension at lightning speeds as Einstein’s theory of relativity has foretold it, or -perhaps more probably- whose indefinite permanence could be steadily maintained by cloning themselves while means to vanquish illness, detain aging, and even prevent death are found. However would be shameful if then still embroiled in Byzantine discussions on whether or not to allow so a vital task which would not otherwise yield fully exhaustive answers. Answers hardly obtainable from immutable doctrines, unshakable dogmas, or old-fashioned ideologies but quite extensive research and a reiterative experimentation with both willful human beings and multiple living specimens.

Man is on the verge of living its most wondrous adventure as Homo sideris, a grandiose explorer navigating boundless cosmic expanses and spreading the amazing miracle of life; as protagonist of such a fantastic project which could be significantly named as The Cosmic Enterprise: the grand scheme whose huge magnitude shall cause to barter guns for chips and hence revolutionize thought to such extent and depths that enlightenment, wealth, and well-being will exponentially be raised to so a striking degree that a united, free, and highly developed human civilization should finally emerge from a gloomy epoch when evil and war have enslaved us in a world where still there is plenty as to satisfy everyone’s basic needs and reasonable expectations.

In the name of life let us cease distrust, egotism, deceit, xenophobia, hate, and other components of war. Let us once and for all break the ignominious chains of ignorance and fear and set free ourselves through learning and understanding as luminous ways towards truth and happiness passing along fragrant fields of love and life in place of sinister hollows of evil and death.

When globalization epitomizes a paradigm of humanity’s worthiest goals, let us pool most of our enormous material and intellectual resources and the radiant light of our intelligence, creativity, and wisdom, and as an indivisible human race erect a bridge to the now rising Aquarian Age by facing with joy and determination the greatest challenges yet: to expand cognition and enrich our culture endowing it with so vast knowledge and talent as to begin to be on the way to discover promising and beautiful planetary bodies where to engender paradises while seeking to fathom the deep origins of life throughout the abyssal immensity of our galaxy and innumerable constellations of the universe as a perpetual pathway to infinity, eternity, and God.

José F. Jaramillo Vásquez 
Essayer – Cyberpainter

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