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Re: Re: infertile due to hysterectomy at age 24 — Desiree Racquer

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Dear Mr.& Mrs.Racquer,

At this time,to the best of my knowledge,the only people publicly engaged in actually trying to clone humans are a religious group known as the Raelians. Their upfront fee I believe is $200,000. They have not actually cloned anyone yet.

My best advice to you is to wait. You are relatively young. There are some real problems with the current methods of mammalian cloning when applied to humans, problems which are currently being addressed by the scientific community (indirectly, not with the specific goal of human cloning in mind…). It is very likely that the process will be sufficiently fine tuned within the next several years so as to make it more feasible to clone humans and thus give unfortunate couples in your situation a reproductive option which is currently unavailable. The eventual cost, if implemented by the medical community should not be much more than current costs for an IVF cycle.

In the mean time, my suggestion to you is to become Pro-Human Cloning activists, as the biggest obstacle to human cloning remains not the scientific hurdles, but lack of cultural acceptance.

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