Infertile Couples are Needed in Many Countries

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I have been dealing with an onslaught of reporters from England, Australia, Germany, Chile, Columbia, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, Japan, among others. 
These reporters are always hoping to find some couples in their own country who are willing to discuss being infertile and being willing to undertake cloning as a means of reproduction. 
At this time, I have a grand total of about six couples (counting one who has backed out because of fatigue) who make personal compelling cases for wanting children in this fashion. 
Any infertile couple could help us educate the world regarding the personal suffering caused by infertility, the monetary drain that repeated attempts at IVF cause, the bad experiences some have with surrogate mothers, the objections that wither or both members of a marriage have to “taking a third party” into their marriage through egg donation and/or sperm donation. 
Even being willing to discuss you circumstances “anonymously” with print reporters would be of help to us. 
Infertility associations won’t coooperate in allowing us or the media get this kind of a plea for help out to their membership. Perhaps, they have personal moral objections to human cloning. Just as likely, they realize that cloning offers the hope of a 100% cure for all infertility. 
Whatever the reason, I would appreciate it if infertile couples would contact me regarding possibly helping to educate and enlightment the world, not just about cloning but about the exitence of this “secret world” that so many people live in. 
Cloningly yours, 
Randolfe H. Wicker 
Director, Human Cloning Foundation 

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