This site is rushing to collect support for human cloning before it is banned.  People are scared of human cloning and don’t understand its tremendous potential.

The Human Cloning Foundation (TM) promotes education, awareness, and research about human cloning and other forms of biotechnology.  Our emphasis is on the positive aspects of such phenomenal new technologies.

The Human Cloning Foundation has been incorporated in the State of Georgia and is currently applying for tax exempt status as a nonprofit organization.

URGENT! The United Nations is trying to ban human cloning

Announcement! The Medical Ethics Panel Debate on Human Cloning will take place December 12th, at 6 p.m. PT in Las Vegas, Nevada

Prominent people in support of human cloning!

The benefits of human cloning

Organizations that support human cloning

The Human Cloning Foundation and Dr. Richard Seed

Essays supporting human cloning published by the HCF

Essays supporting human cloning written by the HCF

Publish your pro-cloning essay here

Help for students writing essays or doing projects

Best scientific essays in support of human cloning

Recommended novels and nonfiction books (great reads!)

Movies that deal with cloning

Links to other websites in support of human cloning

Link exchange program

Millionaires are cloning their dog Missy

NEW! The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

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