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“Public hostility to human reproductive cloning may be based on an ‘illogical and transient fear of a new technology.’ ” 

  BioNews quoting the British Medical Association

“I would go for it. I would have been cloned.” 

 Arnold Schwarzenegger (Extra TV 11/15/00)

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“Researchers . . .hope that one day, the ability to clone adult human cells will make it possible to ‘grow’ new hearts and livers and nerve cells . . .  As for infertile couples, ‘We are interested in giving people the gift of life’. . . “
 TIME Magazine Feb. 19, 2001


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Shauna’s Weekly “Clone 4 Life” Chat on America OnLine.
Shauna hosts a weekly chat on AOL Fridays at about 9 p.m. EST. To find her on Friday evenings simply click on the People Icon at the top of AOL and go to “locate an AOL member online.” Type in her user name ShaunaCutl and AOL will find her for you. Shauna has appeared on TV and in the print media.
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Randolfe H. Wicker – world’s first human cloning activist. 
Mr. Wicker founded the world’s first pro human cloning group, The Clone Rights United Front February 26, 1997, immediately after the announcement of Dolly’s birth. He organized the first demonstration in support of human cloning on Saturday, March 1,1997.
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