Senator Thomas Harkin

Senator Thomas Harkin, a democrat serving the state of Iowa, has spoken out in support of human cloning. Showing great courage, Harkin said that he welcomes human cloning and he called the anti-cloning fervor “rubbish.” Senator Harkin is noted for being a friend of all forms of medical research. The following quote has also been attributed to Senator Harkin: 

“This has enormous potential for good, There should be no limits on human knowledge, none whatever. To those like President Clinton who say we can’t play God, I say OK, fine, you can take your side alongside Pope Paul V who in 1616 tried to stop Galileo, they accused Galileo of trying to play God too. […] I don’t think cloning is demeaning to human nature, to attempt to limit human knowledge is demeaning. It’s not legitimate to try to stop cloning. What nonsense, what utter, utter nonsense to think we can hold up our hand and just say “stop”. Cloning will continue, the human mind will continue to inquire into it. Human cloning will take place and it will take place in my lifetime, and I don’t fear it at all. I want to be on the side of the Galileos and those who say the human mind has no limits, rather than trying to stop something that’s going to happen anyway.” 
– US Senator Tom Harkin, (D) IA

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