Revolted by Bioethicists

I am REVOLTED by the condescending attitude and viewpoint of “bio-ethicists,” and see their 
reaction to human cloning for what it truly is: a “kinder, gentler” version of SOCIAL DARWINISM.

As a visually-impaired individual whose survival is seen by many as an affront to the “natural order,” and an example of “playing God,” I feel it is imperative to speak out on this issue, as I do on so many others.

For reference, I am 25 yrs. old, and was born pre-maturely.  I needed several resuscitations, and more than a few blood transfusions.  As a result of this, I am very likely the sort of person “bio-ethics” seeks to PREVENT.

Thanks very much for putting up a PRO-CLONING site…it’s very rare, in this decade of  social, moral, and political “correctness” (CONFORMISM), to hear dissenting opinions on such a NEEDLESSLY VOLATILE TOPIC.  Like so many other “issues,” the controversy stems from an UNINFORMED, emotionally-manipuated populace, being fed CONVENIENT information by anti-cloning, “bio-ethics,” SOCIAL EUGENICS individuals and organizations.

Human clonign clarifications:

1. The opposition to human cloning on “ethical grounds” is  a soft variety of the “eugenics” viewpoint.  Those with “ethical concerns” that the resultant clone would (or even COULD) be a “replica” of the donor, have as their basic premise the idea that ALL human characteristics are Genetic in nature, and essentially, that we are drones to our heredity.

2. They will never admit this idea, of course.  Just as their ideological predecessors in the           “social eugenics” movement of  the 1920s (which laid much of the groundwork for the Nazi philosophy, AND was quite prevalent in the USA) couched their Social-Darwinist mindset in the language of  “Bettering society.” it has now become politically-correct to obscure all dissent by assertions that it is “un-ethical.”  The American public is ruled mostly by emotion, easily swayed by fake sincerity and sentimental appeals, and has shown itself time and again, to be ever-ready to vote for whichever side is more emotionally manipulative.  The Pro-cloning arguments, based as they are upon INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, and rationality, tend to fall on deaf ears.

3. Many of these “bio-ethics” types who blather about cloning’s “Implications” NEVER even think to examine the treatment ALREADY AFFORDED to IDENTICAL TWINS.

4. IDENTICAL TWINS are routinely dressed identically, given homophonic, similar-sounding names (such as “Jimmy” and “Timmy”, for example), and are essentially “standardized” in a manner that would never be INFLICTED upon non-identical siblings.  This is not seen by the parents, or by society-at-large, as an infringement, or effort to create “duplicate” people.  The question arises as to WHY it has become accepted social practice to treat Twins (and other multiples) in such a manner.

5. In many cultures through-out history, identical twins have been seen as “apart” from the rest of the populace, in some special way.  Sometimes,  they were regarded as “signs and omens,” of mystical significance.  Other cultures’ mandated that one of the twins had to be killed in a ritualistic fashion, so that “normality” could be restored. We have not progressed as far from these barbarous notions as we would like to believe.

6. It can clearly be seen that, though  the bio-ethicists’ talk about “individuals,” their viewpoint has NO ROOM for such concepts as human rights and individual freedom, since it is  totally grounded in a “Eugenic” mindset.  Their core belief (as illustrated by their OBSESSION with “genetics” and their paranoid rhetoric about “duplicate people,” seems to be that HEREDITY determines ALL aspects of  the individual.  They neglect to realize that  ENVIRONMENT, up-bringing, and INDIVIDUAL CHOICES shape  people’s lives JUST AS MUCH, if not MORE, than their GENES.

7. IN A LESS ABSTRACT SENSE, those in charge of social policy (the “powers-that-be”), have a VERY REAL INTEREST in a cloning-ban, for yet ANOTHER reason: with the increasingly draconian social structure that is evolving, and the increased reliance upon “DNA TESTING,” it is IMPERATIVE to them that only ONE individual have a specific DNA PATTERN.  DNA is seen by the Powers-that-be, as a QUICK, and stable method of “tagging” their UNITS (population). If SEVERAL PEOPLE have the same “GENETIC IDENTITY” then it becomes MORE DIFFICULT for our Over-seers to track our movements.

8. Keep in mind, that the same exact people who are whipping up uninformed anti-cloning sentiment, (the “bio-ethicists”) are the ones promoting “genetic screenings”, whereby individuals with certain “genetic markers” are “PERSUADED” not to breed.  (It is SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT if the “undesirable populations” WILLINGLY participate in being  “bred out” of  the gene pool.  Many people who opt for these screenings even APPLAUD their decision not to reproduce, because they are unwilling to “put a child through” a life which might be SOCIALLY INCONVENIENT because of a genetic defect.

9. The “Bio-ethics” movement is simply COLD, HARD “social darwinism” and EUGENICS, obscured by a thin veneer of FALSE compassion.  It is rooted in the notion that we are all simply LIVESTOCK, genetic automata to be controlled and used for the benefit of “SOCIETY,” and Society’s LEADERS.

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