Robert H. Foote

Robert H. Foote, Cornell professor emeritus of animal science and biology supports cloning 

Robert H. Foote is one of the pioneers of animal cloning technology. In May 1997, he told the state legislature of New York not to ban cloning research. He was testifying before a senate committee chaired by State Senator Roy Goodman. Foote stated that cloning research could yield medical breakthroughs that would benefit humanity. He was quoted in AgBiotech News & Information (ANI), as saying “We want the public to know that the research on cloning can uniquely advance knowledge in ways that will improve the quality of life.” Foote expects cloning to lead to a better understanding of how genes work and cells differentiate. He also indicated that cloning should also lead to a better understanding of the aging process and to the use of animals to produce badly needed medicines. Foote’s final thought in a report by AgBiotech News & Information (ANI) was that “One cannot predict precisely the benefits of properly thought-out research.”

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