Books about human cloning (fiction)

Reviewed by a member of the Human Cloning Foundation. There are some great novels here!

These books are reviewed and rated.  The sole purpose of the HCF Bookworm’s Bookstore is to generate operating funds for the nonprofit Human Cloning Foundation.

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4bad9really, really, good
5below average10a masterpiece!

10- The Bones of Time by Kathleen Ann Goonan.

Goonan’s ambitious 1996 novel takes place in Hawaii in 2034.  It is one of the few to portray people originating humans by cloning with good results and good motives. She focuses on the attempt, not to mass-create certain types, but to re-create genius for the benefit of humanity. She combines Hawaiian history with the Hawaiian anti-colonialist movement still alive today. Her previous novel, Queen City Jazz, was strongly endorsed by William Gibson and Lucius Shepard. I rate it a 10. (This review is by Greg Pence.) The Bones of Time

10-The Genesis Code by John Chase

This is an exceptional novel!  It is a ten!  It gets my highest recommendation.  John Chase, a pseudonym, combines great science and non-stop suspense in this book.  While reading this book I found myself underlining passages that were so interesting I wanted to talk them over with friends and family.  If you like thrillers with some fantastic science thrown in this is a book for you.  A great, great, read. The Genesis Code

6- The Third Twin by Kenneth Follett

This is a competent thriller that in the end does not have a lot of science about cloning in it.  It’s a great read for suspense, however.  It’s just that those who want a lot of cloning science thrown in will be a bit disappointed.  Consider it like one of Robin Cook’s medical thrillers but with less science.Ken Follett’s The Third Twin

6- The Klone and I by Daniel Steele

If you are a Daniel Steel fan and are interested in human cloning, you should like this book.  The novel is about a woman who gets divorced and then finally falls for a new guy despite the kids, but he is a clone!  I am not always a Daniel Steele fan, although I have loved some of her books.  This book seemed aimed at the female audience.  I didn’t finish the whole thing as I wanted more science and less relationships Daniel Steele’s The Klone and I

The Boys From Brazil by Ira Levin

I have read other books by Ira Levin such as Sliver and Rosemary’s Baby, both of which were made into movies.  I have not read The Boys From Brazil and says the publisher is out of stock right now but to check back later.  I haven’t seen the movie either.  The Boys From Brazil is supposed to be about cloning Hitler – the overworked scenario that anti-cloners keep bringing up.  The book is supposed to be a classic.  I can believe it with Ira Levin. Boys from Brazil by Ira Levin at

8- Embryo by Charles Wilson

    This novel is not really about cloning, but about what many people think is the logical next step, creating an artificial womb.  Naturally, the author makes such a step into a horrible and terrible thing, since being a good thing wouldn’t make for a great story.  It’s a good read, although it was was annoyming that the author switched characters so often.  You will really love this book if you haven’t thought about, or read up on, artificial wombs.

6- Glory Season by Hugo and Nebula award-winning author David Brin

In this book, a talented science fiction writer presents a more positive picture of human cloning.  Unfortunately, I found the book boring and quit reading by page 50.  Some of the ideas are very interesting.  For example, women finally figure out that they have always needed men to protect them–from other men, so they do away with them and take up cloning.  And women won’t bear male clones.  This creates an interesting world, but I got tired of waiting for something to happen.

The Human Cloning Foundation has not reviewed the following books.  The reader should remember that because it makes for a better story, human cloning is often portrayed as evil in popular fiction.

The Multiple Man by Ben Bova 
Recommended by one of our readers. Published by BALLANTINE BOOKS (0345256565), but is reportedly of print. It was perhaps one of the first books that had cloning as a theme. 

The Cloning of Joanna May by Fay Weldon.  This book is out of print but it also exists as an audio tape.

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