Father who has lost his son favors human cloning

“I feel very sad that so many people in our government are against cloning.  The medical benefits are fantastic and just can’t be ignored.  Not only myself, but other people have lost their only child.   I lost my only son in a very bad and unfortunate all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident last year.  He was 11 years old and without my permission decided to get on a ATV that I was working on for a friend and was killed, and he was my only one.  My new wife cannot have children and my ex-wife misses our son very much.  Everyone knows that the cloned child would not be the child we lost but he would be similar and people that can’t have another child from their own blood line are very depressed people.  My son was the only one in my family that could have continued our family bloodline and name.

I really feel sad that people are so against all the great benefits this new technology could bring to the human race. God gave us the freedom to reproduce and create life and in my opinion cloning is a benefit of this great gift of creating life he has already given us.  He has given “us” the freedom to create, what a great gift.  God and God alone sent us the people that have discovered these new technologies. God expects us to use this new technology to our benefit.” 
by Thomas 

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