It’s Unethical To Ban Human Cloning

Cloning would enable us to solve this problem as well as eliminating a lot of the current human error factor. Presymptomatic testing is made easier with cloning because more specific regions of DNA can be sequenced and the involvement of family members is eliminated. The specific function of normal non-disease causing genes will also be easier to isolate and map through simple standard cloning procedures. Through this research, tests for genetic diseases will be relatively easy to develop. Doctors will be able to make more accurate diagnoses with fewer tests. This will lead to our further understanding of ourselves on a genetic level. Cloning, the scientific breakthrough of the year, will surely be the catalyst for breakthroughs in the near future, especially in the field of human genetics. Because of the unforeseen advantages for the advancement for the human race, scientifically and medically, we cannot afford to ban cloning. Cloning promises to revolutionize the way we practice medicine. With specific cell cloning, an abundance of tissue would be available for people with medical problems ranging from burns to leukemia. Through the development of specific cell cloning processes we will learn more about aging and cancer and its causes. Cloning procedures have the potential to improve many branches of medicine as well as revolutionize medicine. Cloning bans are too restrictive. The bans outlaw already existing branches of genetic science as well as prohibiting the research we need to do in order to realize the potentials of cloning. Cloning enables us to get closer to specific genes. This will lead to a complete, more accurate genetic map. Cloning will significantly simplify the process of isolating genes and determining their function. This is especially valuable when disease causing genes are involved. A better understanding of ourselves on a genetic level will be obtained. Human cloning offers so many promises of medical and scientific advancement that it is unethical to ban human cloning. 

Maria was a sophomore in high school when she wrote this paper for her World Cultures class. Maria has gathered a lot of information about human cloning and is willing to help others learn about cloning via e-mail. She will answer questions and has all her information that she used for her original paper.

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