MARK D. EIBERT, attorney and patient advocate, supports human cloning and reproductive freedom

Mark D. Eibert is an attorney in private practice in San Mateo, California.  He is a nationally known advocate for the rights of infertile people.

Mr. Eibert, who believes that cloning technology offers the cure for infertility, is currently investigating the possibility of bringing a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of California’s first-in-the-nation anti-cloning law.  He believes that such laws violate the constitutional right of infertile people to have children, as well as their statutory right to be free of invidious discimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act. He also argues that such laws violate the constitutional right to scientific freedom that doctors and scientists have enjoyed for centuries.

Mr. Eibert has authored two recent articles in support of human cloning: “Clone Wars–The Forces of Government Gather In Fear Of Hypothetical Clones,” which appeared in Reason Magazine’s June 1998 issue and can be found on the Reason website at, and “Human Cloning, Infertility and Reproductive Freedom,” also on the Reason website at  He has debated cloning on both national and international television and radio programs, and provided testimony on cloning to Congress.

You can e-mail Mr. Eibert at

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