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and click on DONATE NOW. The credit card transactions are handled by www.Helping.Org, a charity set up by America OnLine to help other charities. You can donate anonymously or publicly! Either way you will get a receipt from Helping.Org for your contribution! is another charity, which maintains a database of charities recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as having been recognized as legitimate nonprofit organizations.

You can also get to the credit card donation page by going to, clicking on  DONATE NOW, and on the next page enter a search for CLONING. The Human Cloning Foundation will come up. Click on it, then click on DONATE NOW.

More Information: 
On December 14th, 1999 the Internal Revenue Service sent the Human Cloning Foundation its letter of determination granting it tax-exempt status as a nonprofit organization. This means that, if you live in the United States, your donations are tax-deductible.

Donate by mail: 
When you donate by mail you will be sent a contributor’s receipt. Donations from all countries around the world are welcome. Write your check to: Human Cloning Foundation. 
Send donations to:

Human Cloning Foundation 
PMB 143 
1100 Hammond Drive, Suite 410A 
Atlanta, GA 30328 

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