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How cute to match up the word “clone” with Colonial.

It keeps reminding me of the musical (see end note, if interested*) where the man equates the game of pool with the word trouble:

He sings to the crowd how it starts “with a capital ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘p’ and that stands for pool!”

I realize the term “sound science” can be a cover for almost anything, but aren’t these word play “equations” a rather obvious insult on logic? (I hope our colleges don’t go for it.)

It’s been years since I’ve seen this movie, but as I recall this man has a covert agenda of selling band uniforms.

Therefore he tries to manipulate (or “massage” is the p.r. word) the town to see the pool hall as evil, and thus be in a better position to get the kids to join the band instead, with their spare time. (All so he can sell uniforms.)

Actually, cloning for research purposes can be a way in which an economic shift can take place — whereby the “wealthy and powerful” might NOT be able to dominate another “class” of individuals as they have previously, for instance through the patentable pharmaceutical “solutions” — often a “human indignity” in itself.

The pharmaceutical “solutions” tend more towards what is termed “economic health,” than the health of individuals. Also questionable is who benefits from this supposed “economic health.” (And usually it isn’t the environment!)

I strongly suspect this flyer originated from the boiler room of a public relations propaganda factory, with hidden secondary (or hidden primary) agenda.

Personally I doubt that most people are “adamantly” opposed to “reproductive” cloning. To say that they are is to use what is known as “band-wagon” technique, in manipulating and steering the public into desired opinions. What did they do, go poll church members coming out of a church where a preacher had just blasted on the subject?

You call the flyer “an interesting concept.” However, we have long known and considered the potential abuses of cloning, and how to prevent them and use cloning responsibly.

The flyer seems to have an aim of inciting hysteria about the new and unknown. CAUTION is called for — not hysteria that criminal type minds will use it unethically.

Personally — depending on what the United Nations proposed “partial ban” implies, I might not be against it: certainly almost no one would be for any Dr. Mengele type experiements, where the cells were well on their way to becoming fetuses. (Although right off-hand I personally do not know at what stage the cell cluster becomes termed a fetus.)

If the authors of this flyer have legitimate arguments about cloning, they are welcome to put it in front of us to consider. But as for myself, there is no way my opinions will be influenced by this “band-wagon” attempt to generate public hysteria and fear over the issue.

They can patch words together all they want in some fashion which paints hysteria and which does not get at the core of the issues. But I see it as obvious propaganda with some hidden agenda underneath, such as the possible infringement onto some other industry.

Healthcare should NEVER have become an “industry” (or “industrialized”) in the first place.

If one takes the example of Jesus who went about healing people and saying to them, “Be thou made WHOLE” (and presumably autonomous), then making healthcare into lucrative industries must be a terrible abomination to God.

Cloning has the potential to validate human dignity — it need not be an “assault” on it.

If the authors of this flyer are so concerned about infringements on human dignity — then certainly there are a lot better causes to take up, than being against cloning.

Why didn’t they find some problem that already exists in the world, such as the abuse of sex, known as molestation and rape? Why didn’t they send a flyer around about the human injustices of date rape, if human dignity is such a dire matter to them? WHY????? (We will always wonder.)

Rape is a human indignity by which a human being can unintentionally result, and then no one planned for or really wanted to take care of and raise the child.

Also, just recently there was a television show on PBS about the Shakers. They were very good and industrious people, and the world is no doubt a better place in many ways because of them.

But they had committed themselves to not marry in order to better serve their God. Therefore, they did not have children, and eventually died out.

Personally I myself could never commit myself to any religion which across the board like that, forbade marriage. But there are people in the world who have various rules on MONOGAMY which prevent having sex with just anyone and everyone. Or perhaps they don’t want to spread lethal sexually transmitted diseases around. And sometimes they would still like to have a child of their own progeny, or some chosen progeny.

Just think if a few of the Shakers might have been cloned?

Which by the way, choosing a marriage partner itself is choosing the genes of the future generation. Hopefully the choice is based on well-rounded characteristics, such as good health and good character, as well as just good looks.

We don’t outlaw bastardry and other ways of conceiving a supposedly “ill-bred” child, so why outlaw cloning (merely for individual reproductive purposes), as if it were some great immoral evil about to destroy the world.

*On coming back in to edit this message —

For anyone who might care to find this song (equating the word “Trouble” with “pool”):

It MIGHT have been in the musical play “THE MUSIC MAN” (which was apparently NOT a Rogers and Hammerstein, as I had originally stated above).

Nevertheless it was made into a movie, and it seems I remember “Opie” (Ron Howard) being in it as a very small child (probably before he was even Opie). If I do figure out (for sure) the name of the movie it was in, I will come back in and post it above.

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