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I first want to say I respect your veiws and do not want to come across as “I’m right, your wrong.” So in saying that, here goes.

1)Cloning does go against the Christian Religion. In the Bible the forth commandment states that….”Thou shalt not make unto the any graven images, nor shall you make any likeness of anything in heaven above or on the earth below.” Now I understand that there are other religions that don’t say this, but I saw that you aknwledged Jesus, Adam, and Eve, so I believe you might be following the christian faith, so I pointed that part out. And if you are following the christian faith it Jesus says..”I am the Way, the truth and the light” Therefore his way(The forth Commandment) is the only way. In reference to the rules about not eating pork, and obbeying the sabbath, Jesus did away with many of the old laws from the Old testement. For example he says..(To the Pharasees)”If on the sabbath your Ox falls into a pit, will you then not pull it out?” He understands that work is done on the sabbath, obeying the sabbath means to take time to honor your father god.

2)Having a child is different from cloning. The child is a cross of the mother and the father, every perfect, and imperfect thing they contain goes into that child. It is an uncertain thing, you don’t kno how the child will turn out. A clone on the utherhand, you can make how you want. If you choose to make it perfect you are taking away one of the defining human qualities. Our imperfections are what make us different from each other, and therefore human. Yes you could make it have a mole, or a scar, but those are manufactured flaws, not the same as flaws you are born with.

3)First of all, this was a very good point, I had trouble coming up with anything for it. The only thing I can see is that in the book of Genisis, god says he put all the plants and the animals on this plantet to be used for our needs, exp. Medicinal perposes.

4) There are other ways your wife can have a child. More than once in the bible, a woman who was not able to concieve a child, prayed and God, miraculously, gave them a child.

5)When we clone we take an image of what we, “Man”, think to be a person, then we reproduce our image into that clone. The image we reproduce is not what god sees’ or his image because he obviouslly does not se like we do. It says in the book of revelation that in heaven we wil have a different body. This indicates that this body we have is not necessarilly the image he created. Our soul is that image, and to my knowledge no one has ever been able to interpret that image.

6)You are right, no one will stop having sex, but they could stop doing it for reproductive perposes, choosing to make a disease and illness free baby by cloning. After a certain amount of time (hundreds of yeaers of course) the genetic code, that right now is different in every one of us, will become so similar that one dissease would wipe out the entire race.

7)Cloning an entire person just to take the organs if needed is wrong. How can we as a “civilized” peopl justify the growing of human beings just so they can be slaughtered like cows, and then used for selfish means?If you just made that one organ, which they can owdays for every organ but the brain, then it would be different. 

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