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> most of us Christians are against cloning, I am outraged!!!

Then I would recommend against getting yourself cloned.

But the fact that your interpretation of the bible causes you to be “outraged” by cloning does not grant you any right or legitimate authority to prevent those of us with a different interpretation from seeking cloning.

There are those who are offended by the use of blood transfusions. Which is fine — then they should have the right to refuse a transfusion (even at the cost of their own life). But they have no right or legitimate authority to close down the hospitals and to refuse others the right to a transfusion.

Cloning technology is the only medical procedure through which my wife can have a child that is her own. Your outrage may speak volumes against your seeking to use cloning technology if you were in our situation. But, just as you would have no right to deny her a blood transfusion, you have no right or legitimate authority to stand in the way of her obtaining this particular medical treatment. Not if your objections are religion-based.

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