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i am not some nutjob.

i believe the book, there is a huge amount of great info here.

yes, i know my existance is limited.

i did not say on the site, ‘bring it on’, was just showing where the world was going and the consequences.

i can’t change anything, but people have been warned.

planetary defense system is not needed, you can’t stop what can come at this planet if it is larger than the planet.

read up on H.A.A.R.P.

“I find science to be the best “belief system”. Why? 
Because it allows for us to take action in alleviating human misery and suffering. Otherwise be would still be wallowing in the DARK AGES, with most of us living short brutal lives prone to disease and misery. ( Average lifespan was about 30 years…)”

might i remind you that one of the scans on that page was from a newspaper and they state that the “First fruits” of the genome project are “PROFITS AND POWER”.

this is for control, not to help people.

as for the “Dark ages”, the reason the black plague was finally broken is because the church power at that time exerted enough influence to segregate the people as is prescribed in exodus concerning leprosy.

here is an example of what is going to happen to the anti-christ.

asteroids and comets,

[Job 20:23] God shall send against him the fury of his wrath and rain down his missiles of war upon him.

bronze is nuclear,

[Job 20:24] Should he escape the iron weapon, the bow of bronze shall pierce him through; 
[Job 20:25] The dart shall come out of his back; terrors shall fall upon him. 
[Job 20:26] Complete darkness is in store for him; the fire which shall consume him needs not to be fanned. 
[Job 20:27] The heavens shall reveal his guilt, and the earth shall rise up against him. 
[Job 20:28] The flood shall sweep away his house with the waters that run off in the day of God’s anger. 
[Job 20:29] This is the portion of a wicked man, and the heritage appointed him by God.

jesus for some reason did not require science, but he did understand it. 

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