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> People want to sometimes achieve human cloning because they 
> lost a loved one, and are infertile… Just a couple reasons, 
> but, it takes TONS of tries to perfectly clone something. 
> Thinking about how many babies would die during the process 
> disgusts me.

I know of a woman who had ten miscarriages. Do these deaths disgust you?

Also, what if (through research) cloning becomes perfectly safe. Would the millions of birth defects caused by traditional reproduction disgust you to the point that you would call for the abolition of this process and insist, instead, that everybody use cloning technology?

My guess is that it is not truly the possibility of defective children that concerns you. Because we are all defective in some way. My guess is that you are latching onto this as a convenient excuse for rationalizing an irrational prejudice.

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