Human Cloning Should be Permitted!

What would you say if I told you that scientists had just developed a new procedure that could lead not only to the cure for cancer, but would provide an unlimited source of organ donors and could lead to the first effective treatment of nerve damage?  Now adding on to this scenario lets say that our government was taking action to ban this new procedure because of a few myths and some loud mouthed conservatives.

This scenario is true and is taking place with human cloning at this very moment.   If you don’t act fast this crowning achievement of medical science could be lost forever.  “This procedure will be both a contribution to science and a betterment of the human race.”  Human cloning will provide unlimited benefits to our species and should be legal.

This paper is intended to educate you to the many benefits of human cloning before it is banned due to ignorance.  Now before you read any further I would like to ask you to forget any myth, legend or science fiction that you might have heard about cloning.

The cloning of humans could be the greatest achievement of medical science, it could lead the way to the solution to some of humanity’s greatest problems.   Every year hundreds of thousands of Americans die from cancer making it the second most common cause of 
death in the united states.  However, through cloning and other forms of genetic research scientists are all ready learning all kinds of important information about the genetic make up of cancer and before long we may have the cure for cancer.

Though the cure for cancer is reason enough not to ban cloning it is by no means the only benefit this new technology could create for the medical field.   With human cloning scientists are working on ways to perfect methods to clone individual organs.  This could finally be a 
permanent solution to the ever growing demand for organ donors.  It also could lead to a way to repair damaged nerves by cloning the nerve cells from the injured person.

Millions of Americans suffer from a terrible neurological disorder known as Parkinson disease.  This disease affects the control of the muscles.  Through the valuable information about genetics that we will learn through cloning scientists could learn what causes Parkinson 
disease and learn how to treat it  better.

Nature has a cruel way of dooming innocent children to horribly short  and painful lives.  Genetically inherited diseases such as hemophilia and Downs syndrome could be identified and treated while the baby is still in the mothers womb.  This could spare countless innocent 
children and parents from years of horrible suffering.

Many couples that are infertile still have a great desire to create a new life however the current method in vitro fertilization is very often ineffective.   In fact it only results in a healthy pregnancy 10% of the time.  However cloning could be much more effective.  Contrary 
to one of the biggest arguments against cloning it would not effect the world’s genetic diversity because the economics and emotional factors would make very few parents choose cloning.  The amount that will probably clone represents a drop in the ocean of genetic diversity.

Since I began doing this project I have heard countless arguments against human cloning, however when you really get to thinking hardly any of them carry any weight and certainly none of them are reasonable grounds for a total prohibition.  The most common argument against 
human cloning is that it would destroy people’s dignity and individuality.  But, honestly would you really hate your parents for giving you the body of Michael Jordan or the brain of Albert Einstein.

Besides the clones would still have individual personalities.  Many scientists predict that clones would only have 50% personality matches.  Identical twins are also cloned humans and no one is saying that twins have no dignity.

Many people also claim that cloning is too dangerous based on that fact that in order for researchers to clone Dolly the sheep a few baby sheep had to sacrifice their lives.  However, this is grounds to do careful research to perfect the procedure and greatly reduce the errors 
to nearly nothing.  Many other common events that no one ever even thinks of banning take a much greater toll in human life than human cloning ever could in the worst case scenario.  For example car accidents are the worlds leading cause of accidental death, but no one is calling for a ban on cars because the benefit they provide outweighs the dangers, the same is true of human cloning.

The main other  argument against cloning caries even less weight than either of the other arguments.  A lot of religious leaders are shunning cloning based on claims that we should not be playing God.  This is fine for them to say this and no one is saying that either they or 
their followers have to participate in human cloning.  However this is by no means a legitimate ground for banning cloning.  First of all they have no evidence to back their claims that God is against human cloning, in fact they have no proof that there even is a god.  More importantly even if they did have evidence to back their claim up with it still would not be a legitimate justification to ban cloning because the constitution guarantees a separation of church and state.  After all the government is supposed to represent all Americans and millions of U.S. citizens do not believe in a god.

If human cloning is banned in the United States it is not going to stop it from happening all it is going to do is take out of the hands of  legitimate respectable scientists and put in on the street.  If we ban this research it will only create a black market for human embryos with specific traits and instead of seeing the many benefits that this technology has to offer it will just make wealthy criminals richer.  And if it is banned we won’t be able to regulate it making those who use it even more susceptible to life threatening errors.  This will only increase the loss of life that might come with this.  And do you think if this research field is in the hands of crime lords they will spend their time and money doing cancer research?  Of course they won’t!  So instead of taking the opportunity to cure one of man’s worst diseases congress is busy passing legislation to grant exclusive rights of this incredible technology to criminals.

In the last hundred years sciences have been advancing at a faster than it ever has before in the history of human civilization.  This has been due in a large part to the open mindedness of are government towards new technology and ideas.  However this could all change if either the Senate’s Bond-Frist bill or the House’s Ethers bill passes.  These are arguably the two least intelligently thought out and worded bills in the history of the U.S.  government’s history.  Both bills would not only put a stop to human cloning, but all genetic experiments involving human cells.  Never in The Free World has a government taken such drastic measures to halt an entire field of scientific research.

Many times unexpected benefits come from a field of research and in order for our society to better itself through science we must be open minded to new ideas and procedures and be so quick to ban them before we have the chance to truly let the benefits come forth.

Human Cloning is possibly the answer to some of our eras toughest scientific problems and should by no means be stopped before we even learn what it can do.  I have already told you many reasons why cloning should be legal and I hope you have gained a better understanding of 
this remarkable new procedure. The evidence I have presented is certainly more than enough reasons to support human cloning.  however, my strongest argument is the look of pain and anguish on the face of parents who have just lost a child. I think that if human cloning can 
save the life of just one of these children then it is a worthwhile endeavor.

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