Don’t let congress ban human cloning!

The author of this website has written over 300 addressed-by-hand letters to United States senators and representatives about the good that human cloning can do.

It’s important not to let human cloning be banned in the United States or other countries. All parties should have a voice when it comes to human cloning and those who are against it should not ban it for everyone. Interested parties and scientists need to stop being cowered by vocal groups that are not significantly involved in science, and are not willing to consider the anticipated benefits of human cloning. To help stop cloning from being banned in the United States, please write your senators and representative in congress. If you are outside of the USA please write anyway as the whole world would be effected by a ban on human cloning by the United States. Handwritten letters are best. They indicate to politicians that form letters are not being sent. It is important to write Senator Thomas Harkin about your support for human cloning. Senator Harkin said one very important word in congress about the anti-cloning hysteria, “rubbish!”

To write to Senator Thomas Harkin: 
The Honorable Thomas Harkin 
United States Senate 
Washington, DC 20510 

(I have no idea if Senator Harkin ever looks at his e-mail, 
so if you e-mail him, please follow it up with a handwritten letter).

It is very easy to write to members of congress. If you do not have the names that you need, call the capitol switchboard at (202) 225-3121 and give them your zip code and they will tell you who your representative is, and who your two senators are. The switchboard is open 24 hours a day.

To address a letter to your congressperson 
in the House of Representatives: 
The Honorable (name of representative) 
U.S. House of Representatives 
Washington, DC 20515 

To address letters to your senators: 
The Honorable (name of senator) 
United States Senate 
Washington, DC 20510 

Also please consider writing to congressman John Porter, as he is chairman of the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education. Congressman Porter essentially oversees the National Institutes of Health. 

To address a letter to congressman John Porter: 
The Honorable John Porter 
Chairman, Subcommittee for Labor, 
Health, and Human Services, and Education 
United States House of Representatives 
Washington, DC 20515 

You may also want to write the NIH where the government disperses your money for medical research. Incredibly many scientists at the NIH are against human cloning, and those that are for it may not feel free to speak up in favor of human cloning.

To address letters to the director of the National 
Institutes of Health: 
Harold Varmus, MD 
Director of the National Institutes of Health 
Building 1, Room 126 
1 Center Drive, MSC 0148 
Bethesda, MD 20892-0148 
phone: 301/496-2433

Dr. Varmus is currently anti-cloning. He has been quoted in the press as calling the idea of human cloning “repugnant.”   He has the power to prevent human cloning research from taking place since he oversees research funding in the United States. 

The bottom line

The bottom line is that human cloning may be banned in the United States before the benefits of the technology have even been explored, or discussed, if people don’t act now.

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