Chris’s Pro-Cloning Essay

Chris wrote an opinion essay for his 8th grade class. He decided to write about human cloning and why he is for it. It is not easy to be pro-cloning. Chris’s mother was afraid that he might get expelled from school for writing in favor of human cloning. 

Baa. That was the headline of every newspaper in the world as the first mammal, a sheep, was cloned. Scientists everywhere leapt up with joy and excitement. Finally, something that has been done in Hollywood many times has now been done in real life. Immediately religious fanatics opened their mouths, protested, and completely blew off the meaning of science! Why, because their God doesn’t allow it, or something about life being to precious? What don’t these people understand; this is science! Cloning should be pushed further and religion should stay out. These next pages will tell you why cloning should be accepted and why religion shouldn’t interfere. I hope that I will change many peoples minds about cloning.

What is cloning? Well, in brief, cloning is taking another life form and duplicating it. Dolly, the first mammal clone, looks exactly identical to her mother, a ewe. Not long ago scientists cloned two monkeys, but the results came out differently. The two monkeys were not alike, only brother and sister…but that could change.

The first reason for cloning is that it is a scientific breakthrough. It has never been done in real life. People said that it could never happen, that only God could do that, but science proved them wrong like many other things. For example, hundreds of years ago when volcanoes erupted, people had no clue of what caused this. So, to give themselves a good enough reason they just said that it was God doing it. A hundred years later, science came along and proved them wrong and said that it was gases under the earth doing “this and that” and finally causing the eruptions. Yet, there are still people now in this world that refuse to believe it. Science has answers to practically everything, and science can do practically everything.

The second reason is that women who cannot have a child because of an illness of some sort can now have one. “But why can’t she just adopt a child?” Well, maybe because she wants a child that is related to her. “Won’t the child feel funny looking identical to her mother?” No, because they would have to be the same age to look identical, and besides, science can probably think of a way to make them not look exactly identical. Or you can just take this quote into mind, “People will tell her, ‘You look just like your mother.’ But no one will know she’s a clone until she turns 16 and sells it to the tabloids.” (Which I got from an article in Discover Magazine.)

The third reason is that we can use cloning for lab experiments. We could clone a person’s organs and give them to the person who needs it instead of using people to actually take out their organs and donate them to that person. It would be a lot safer using the cloning method by just taking a single cell from a person, then cutting the person open and transporting the organ. “But wouldn’t it be a lot quicker cutting the person and donating, instead of waiting for the cloned organ to become ready for use?” Yes, but then no, because science could already make hundreds and thousands of extra organs ready for whomever would need it. Science could even be able to have people at the age of 15 clone their organs, so that way, when they can get older and they have big problems they can have (in slang) “a spare tire.” The reason for middle age is because if it would be done at a very young age it would be dangerous. Also, the organ would have to be a “right fit.” It would only be done at an early stage if the child would need it.

The fourth reason would be for animals who are endangered. Science could clone endangered animals by the hundreds, but only so many not to completely alter the process of nature. This would do a lot of good for those who absolutely adore living creatures.

The fifth reason is that we could clone very good people. Einstein or Mother Theresa would be cloned or other people like that. “But what if the opposite happens and people like Adolf Hitler are cloned and you have an army of 10,000 Hitler’s marching the streets?” Well, that only comes from too much bad science fiction, and that would definitely not be allowed. Many extreme precautions will have to be taken in that case.

The sixth reason is if all of a sudden the human race was becoming extinct because of some unknown reason, then we could create many more humans. If that doesn’t work, well, then you definitely know, “The End Is Near.”

Now, why does religion have to always interfere into scientific things and not allow them. Religion should stay out. Especially in the cloning issue. These are some reasons why religion shouldn’t interfere.

The first reason religion shouldn’t interfere is that before religion could say that their God doesn’t allow it, first they need to prove that their God exists. Otherwise it is the same thing as Santa Claus only allowing elves to do his work.

The second reason is that this is science. Religion and science are not compatible. Religion is based on faith and scriptures while science is based on theory and facts.

The third reason is that because your religion doesn’t allow cloning that still doesn’t mean that science can’t do it. Just like, for example, if Christians can’t eat meat on Fridays that doesn’t mean that grocery stores can’t sell meat on that day.

The forth reason is if your G(g)od doesn’t allow cloning and another does, then what? Then a war will break out, but what will religions fight over, cloning, or the existence of there G(g)od(s)? No one knows which G(g)od(s) exists. One religion say’s that they are right another says that they are right, and the argument will keep repeating itself. So the smarter thing is for religion to stay out.

The fifth reason is imagine living in a society that says “Our G(g)od is offended by your procreation, therefore you cannot procreate.” (which I got from the human cloning foundation article) So, the women that have an illness that prevents them from having children, and want to create a child so that it can be still related to her can’t have that child because your G(g)od doesn’t allow it.

The sixth reason is that science is not playing G(g)od. Science doesn’t even believe in G(g)od, and maybe G(g)od didn’t actually create life. Science is close to proving that right.

This concludes all the reasons for pro cloning and why religion shouldn’t interfere. I hope that I changed your minds about cloning. And besides, even if many people protest and disagree it will be done. Someone out there will do it secretly and then let it loose in the environment and see what will happen. Religion can’t stop it and it is history waiting to happen. Religion has no place in science.

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