Shauna Caroll Anderson – a human cloning advocate.To read her essay, click here.Email  My name is Shauna Carroll Anderson. I have become an advocate for organ cloning recently. I wanted to explain who I am and why I feel this cause is so important.        I thought I should begin this letter by introducing myself on a more … Read moreAdvocates

Arnold Swartznegger’s Desire to be Cloned

So Hollywood has ground out another “exciting” movie with cloning as a plot but really using various myths about cloning as its platform. The only “good” news might be Arnold Swartznegger’s comment that he would like to be cloned. Well, that is his right, of course. “Perhaps, we could insert some ‘human-loving’ genes into him and delete some … Read moreArnold Swartznegger’s Desire to be Cloned

Dr. Lee Silver, supporter of human cloning

Dr. Lee M. Silver is a Professor at Princeton University in the Departments of Molecular Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and the Program in Neuroscience. He is also associated with the Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy at Princeton¹s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, where he offers an undergraduate course on … Read moreDr. Lee Silver, supporter of human cloning

MARK D. EIBERT, attorney and patient advocate, supports human cloning and reproductive freedom Mark D. Eibert is an attorney in private practice in San Mateo, California.  He is a nationally known advocate for the rights of infertile people. Mr. Eibert, who believes that cloning technology offers the cure for infertility, is currently investigating the possibility … Read more