Re: infertile due to hysterectomy at age 24

Re: infertile due to hysterectomy at age 24 — Desiree Racquer Post Reply Top of Thread Forum Dear Mrs. Racquer: Although I am a strong advocate of cloning technology being used to treat infertility, it appears that your problem can be solved through other, currently available technology. Assuming you still have your ovaries, you and your husband … Read moreRe: infertile due to hysterectomy at age 24

Re: cloning

Re: cloning — Dan Post Reply Top of Thread Forum This is a semantic game that anti-cloning people play. They call cloning to create children for infetile people “reproductive cloning” and cloning of cells to create tissues and organs and for other research purposes “therapeutic cloning.” The problem with the terminology is that infertility is a disease, … Read moreRe: cloning


Post Reply Forum I need to know the difference between reproductive cloning and theraputic cloning for a paper. I have looked everywhere but can’t find it. Post Reply | Recommend | Alert View All Return to this forum’s home page! Replies to this message Re: cloning — Mark ( Wed, Jul 26, 2000, 08:43:06 ) ( 548 bytes ) +1 Re: cloning — Randolfe Wicker ( Wed, Jul 26, 2000, 21:43:22 ) ( 1934 bytes ) 

Human Cloning: the Scientific Revolution of the Future

Tom wrote the following essay for a freshman English class at Pennsylvania State University. Question: What do Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, and Shakespeare have in common? Answer: They are arguably the best ever at what they did in science, art, and literature, respectively.      Now you are probably asking yourself, “What does that have to do with … Read moreHuman Cloning: the Scientific Revolution of the Future

Liberty, Identity, and Human Cloning

by John A. Robertson (continued) More notes and references:   .  See NBAC CLONING REPORT, supra note 3, at 28-29 (predicting that research on cell differentiation will lead to the development of treatments for human disease).      .  See id. at 29 (contending that animal models will reveal which techniques are widely applicable and which require further development … Read moreLiberty, Identity, and Human Cloning