Recommended books about human cloning (nonfiction)

Who’s Afraid of Human Cloning? by Gregory E. Pence The beginning of this book is superb and it only gets better from there.  Gregory Pence, a professor of philosophy and bioethics at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, is unabashedly in favor of human cloning.  Pence talks about attending the first major conference on human … Read moreRecommended books about human cloning (nonfiction)

Books about DNA

On this page the HCF reviews books that would be helpful for understanding DNA Others you may find interesting: Books on human cloning – nonfiction Books on human cloning – fiction Books on genetics and genetic engineering – nonfiction Books about DNA – nonfiction Return to the Bookworm Bookstore’s index page Highly entertaining books! Medical … Read moreBooks about DNA

Missy, the dog, is going to be cloned

The Associated Press announced 8/25/98 that a wealthy couple donated $2.3 million to Texas A & M University to clone their dog.  Dr. Mark Westhusin, co-director of the Reproductive Sciences Laboratory, is one of the scientists involved in the project.  Lou Hawthorne, president of Bio Arts and Research Corporation (BARC), a San Francisco corporation, helped … Read moreMissy, the dog, is going to be cloned