Science Fiction

These books are reviewed and rated by the Bookworm.  The sole purpose of the Bookworm’s Bookstore is to generate operating funds for the nonprofit Human Cloning Foundation.

1total garbage6above average
2really, really, bad7good
3real bad8real good
4bad9really really good
5below average10a masterpiece!

10- Ender’s Game by Orsen Scott Card 

Ender’s Game has been on many lists as the best science fiction book of all time.  I tend to agree.  It’s a fast, crisp, read that suspends your disbelief, and the protagonist is an incredibly precocious child that you can’t help but love.  It’s the characterization, and the other world that Card takes you to, that makes this such a great book.

8- The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

 I’m talking about the original The Lost World here, a science fiction classic.  Yes, it’s by the same author who created Sherlock Holmes.  This book has some great characters.  There are some incredibly hilarious insults thrown about by Professor Challenger, the character who is in the middle of all the controversy.  Reading it today, I rate it an 8, but I’m sure it was a 10 in its day.  

8- Congo by Michael Crichton
Not Crichton’s best but not his worst either.  The science and information is great.  The characters and plot are slightly weak.  The movie made from this book was horrible!

7- Sphere by Michael Crichton

Once again great science.  It’s a little slow to build up but by the end is very hard to put down.

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