Medical Thrillers

These books are reviewed and rated by the Bookworm.  The sole purpose of the Bookworm’s Bookstore is to generate operating funds for the nonprofit Human Cloning Foundation.

1total garbage6above average
2really, really, bad7good
3real bad8real good
4bad9really really good
5below average10a masterpiece!

10 – The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton

 Outstanding. One of the books that started the medical thriller genre.  It’s even more timely today.  It all starts with some men looking down from a hilltop at a wiped-out town . . .   For readers who love science in their medical thrillers this book rates a 10.

9 – The Terminal Man by Michael Crichton

 The main character is nicely developed in this medical thriller and is unlike any other protagonist I have ever read about.  A truly original and unique book.

9 – The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

  The beginning of this book is unforgettable.  It takes off like gangbusters but tapers off a little bit in excitement near the end.  He should have stopped writing a little sooner in my opinion.

5 – The Eleventh Plague by John S. Marr, MD and John Baldwin

 This book is full of great scientific and medical information!  The medical stuff no doubt comes from the well-credentialled Dr. Marr.  Unfortunately, the authors can’t pull the novel together in terms of pace, plot, and character development.

9 – The Miracle Strain by Michael Cordy

This is an excellent book.  There is some wonderful science, including lots of good DNA information.  This is better than many of Robin Cook’s medical thrillers althougth there is a somewhat nebulous problem with the writing and plot that makes this book only an eight out of ten.

6 – Reaper by Ben Mezrich 

Reaper contains some good science, some excellent military technology, and some very interesting Internet technology.  But the book just doesn’t sustain interest.

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