Cloning sperm and eggs :-)

Post Reply Forum Recently, it was reported that Japanese doctors had used cloning technology to create sperm. This also raises the concept that in theory eggs could be created using cloning technology. Does anyone have the link to the story? Admin Author Profile | Post Reply | Recommend | Alert Return to this forum’s home page!

Dateline NBC Quote on Infertility and Cloning

Post Reply Forum Here is a quote from Dateline NBC: “For some people that wish to have children, I think this is an answer,” says Zavos. “It’s a realistic answer.” Panos Zavos is the director of the Andrology Institute of America, and together with his wife, an OBGYN, he runs the Kentucky Center for Reproductive Medicine. … Read moreDateline NBC Quote on Infertility and Cloning

Does anyone have ideas for storing tissue for human cloning?

Post Reply Forum From our e-mail: Does anyone have ideas on inexpensive preservation techniques (such as mummification, or some variation of that technique) for those who prefer to have delayed cloning many years after their “deaths”? How best to get the deed done, say 200 years from now? The idea of cryogenics and paying large … Read moreDoes anyone have ideas for storing tissue for human cloning?

Infertility Doctors to Begin Cloning

Post Reply Forum According to Reuter’s news service Jan 26, 2001, Dr. Panayiotis Zavos of The Andrology Institute of America and the Kentucky Center for Reproductive Medicine and Invitro Fertilization (Lexington, Kentucky) is set to begin cloning human beings. It is reported that he will collaborate with the Italian infertility physician Severino Antinori. Their aim is to help … Read moreInfertility Doctors to Begin Cloning

Re: Cancer and Chemotherapy

Re: Cancer and Chemotherapy — HCFadmin Post Reply Top of Thread Forum I do not know if this refers to a factual account or not, but you might want to look at a webpage called: Your Humble Servant R. Moorgate Related link: New Perspectives In Reproductive Technology Author Profile | Post Reply | Recommend | Alert Original Message Top of Thread Return to this forum’s home … Read moreRe: Cancer and Chemotherapy